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Automatic Heavy duty Marshall compactor

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Post Date : September 18
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China (Mainland),Jiangsu
TT, Paypal, Western Union
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AC 220V, 50Hz
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Tags: Marshall compaction test, Asphalt testing equipment

The Automatic Heavy duty Marshall compactor can compact the asphalt specimen in a 4inch(101.6mm) or 6inch(152.4mm) stationary mold with automatic counter to control the blow number, compaction stops once blow number reached. The Marshall compactor compacts the specimen for Marshall stability test.

Technical features

1. Floor type structure, comprised of transmission part and control part, the transmission part includes the motor, reducer, chain wheel driving.

2. Single-chip as the control unit, can preset compaction times within 0-999times.

3. Safety operation rod is set to guarantee the operators' safety, when is loading or unloading the mould, the compaction hammer won’t drop.

Technical Specifications

Light hammer


Heavy hammer


Hammer drop height


Mould 1

Suitable for Φ101.6×63.5mm specimen

Mould 2

Suitable for Φ152.4mm×95.3mm specimen

Compaction speed


Compaction times


Wood brick compaction base


Concrete base


Power supply

AC 220V±10% 50Hz

Motor power


Overall size


Total weight

Approx 180kg

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3. Stepper motor timing belt transmission, with low noise and easy speed-regulation.

4. Imported digital sensor for viscosity test, reach accurate, stable, good anti-interference performance.

5. Large LCD touch screen display, directly display the viscosity, rotation speed, time and save option.

6. Zero-point correction function.

7. Can save 20 groups testing data(including the date, sample code, viscosity, rotation speed, time), data won’t loss even come across power failure.

Technical specifications

1. Power supply 220V±5% 50Hz

2. Speed range


3. Speed gradient

1.7,3.4,5.1,10.2,17,34,51,102,170,340,511,1022 S-1

4. Measuring accuracy

1-50 mPa.s±1 mPa.s (Newtonian fluid)

Over 50mPa.s, ±4% (Newtonian fluid)

5. Viscosity measuring range

Newtonian fluid: 1~1200mPa.s (F1---4 test unit)

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