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Water Drop Hammer Mill

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China (Mainland),Henan


About Water Drop Hammer Mill

Water drop hammer mill is ideal grinding equipment to process various grains such as corn, broomcorn, wheat, barley, bean and ground cakes.The water drop design achieves an unique air intake way to prevent circulation during the grinding process. This feed grinder can deal with celluloses,relatively wet and oily material for fine grinding.It is widely used in various feed mills, oil plants, alcohol plants, citric acid plants, etc.
Water Drop Hammer Mill Features
1.The grinding chamber is of tear circle design, effectively eliminating the circular flow in the grinding process and getting higher capacity.
2.Adopts thick steel material, steady and durable performance.
3.The hammers and rotors are made of wear-resistant materials.
4.Motor and rollers are installed on the same frame which make a direct transmission.
5.The rollers can work on both directions with slight vibration.
6.Energy conservation. The electricity consumption is 5.5 kw/h, lower than average 6.7 kw/h.
Water Drop Hammer Mill Working Principle
Raw material are fed from the top of a matched feeder, running through feeding plates on both sides to the grinding room. Under the force of adjustable rotating hammers and friction between screen plates, raw materials are grinded. Then the materials are discharged from the outlet by the push forced by air circulation.

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Wood Hammer Mill

Wood Hammer Mill

Wood Hammer Mill

Wood Hammer Mill Introduction
Wood hammer mill is used to crush materials into smaller and uniformed pieces by the collision between the high-speed hammer and materials. It is more suitable for milling relativelysoft raw material like tree branch, cotton stalk, corn stalk, wheat straw etc. with diameter less than 50mm. After milled, the output size can reach diameter 3-5 mm, this is the elementary stage of biomass pellet production.This grinding machine we provide can be applied in various aspects. For example, it can also be used for shredding paper, milling grain, crushing large rock and other waste management.
Why Need A Wood Grinding Machine
Massive mechanical pressure is required to make quality wood pellets. You can therefore see that particle size here is a matter of concern. Because big particles will not bond well together with smaller particles. To make sure that the biomass sawdust is more suitable for producing high quality pellets, you should mix wood shavings, straws and grass in the hammer grinder to be ground into sawdust with diameter 3-5mm. When the diameter becomes smaller, it will increase the cohesion forces between the materials thus the finished pellet is both durable and easy to store.
Wood Grinder Working Theory
Hammer mill is made up of various beaters which rotate at high speed in the grinding chamber. The raw material is normally fed from the feed inlet and then instantly drops into crushing chamber where they are crushed and compressed by the beaters. Because of the speed and the number of the beaters, the materials can be crushed to fine powder within a short period. You can adjust the clearance between beaters and screens to get different size sawdust.
Wood Hammer Mill Features
1.Simple structure, high efficiency, low power consumption, clean convenient operation, labor and time saving.
2. Adopted blades cutting and high speed airflow impacting, combines the function of double crushing,at the same time,can accomplish material sorting processing.
3.Both coarse and fine grinding can be realized in short time.
4.The right aspiration can make materials go through screen quickly, reducing temperature of grinding chamber and increasing output efficiency.
5. Screen hole size: φ1.2,φ1.5,φ2.0,φ2.5,φ3.0,φ3.5,φ4.0

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Vibratory Sieve

Vibratory Sieve

Vibratory Sieve

Vibratory Sieve Introduction
The vibratory sieve is a high efficiency sizing device, that sieving mixture of different sizes by vibrative screen surface. This vibrating screen/sifter structured with small volume, smooth movement, has benne widely used in food, food, chemical, sugar, mining, paper and other industries for powder and pellet material screening and grading.
Vibratory Sieve Application in Feed Pellet Production Line
1.Powder grading: secondary crushing process require screening technology. A vibrating screen can be applied in livestock and poultry feed production in form of a closed loop. The screen residues return to hammer mill,meanwhile undersized material fall into the stock bin.
2.Pellet material grading: people tends to adopt large diameter of die hole in feed pellets production and then crushed them into regular size. After pellets breakage, a sieving machine will separate superfine powder and the coarse particles from the finished product for reprocessing.
Vibratory Sieve Features
1.On the principle of probability screen, makes the particles rapidly go through screen by reasonable selecting the mesh size and screen incline angle.
2. The screen mesh is bigger than the general one, largely reducing the blockage and optimizing the screening process.
3. Screen length is shorter than ordinary sieving machine a lot without affecting the classification effect.
4. Two models are available for choice.

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