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i need investors


Sandalwood is the name of a class of fragrant woods from trees in the genus Santalum. The woods are heavy, yellow, and fine-grained, and unlike many other aromatic woods they retain their fragrance.
Sandalwood is expensive enough that, unlike most trees, it is harvested by removing the entire tree instead of sawing them down at the trunk close to ground level. This way, wood from the stump and root can also be used.

i have cheap and vast area of land and i need investors from any part of the world to come and invest in sandal wood plantation and cultivation which is such a prestigious and giant business.

It is used for Fragrance, funiture, religious, royalty, medicine, tecnology and many more. you can contact me at any time for procedure and direrectly at any time.

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Refined and crude Soybean Oil BEST QUALITY FOR COOKING

Refined and crude Soybean Oil BEST QUALITY FOR COOKING

Refined and crude Soybean Oil BEST QUALITY FOR COOKING


High Quality Refined Soybean Oil for Sale.

Our Refined Edible Soybean Oil is fully refined deodorized pure Soybean Oil with all the impurities removed to insure the highest quality, versatility and flexibility.

It has excellent stability characteristics with a bland flavor and exceptionally good shelf life.

Our Refined Edible Soybean Oil is used widely in the preparation of mayonnaise and salad dressings, in the baking industry, and for the packing of sardines, tuna and other fish products. Also as a foam arrester in the preparation of yeast, sugar, pencillin, streptomycin, and other antibiotics, and as a vitamin vehicle.

Although this product is specially designed for edible uses, it is used by many manufacturers of sulfonated oils because of its excellent color and color retention properties during and after processing.

Soybean Oil is the refined fixed oil obtained from the seeds of the soya plant Glycine soja (Fam. Leguminosae).




Specific gravity



Refractive index



Heavy metals, Method II


0.001% max

Iodine value


120 - 141

Free fatty acids


< 2.5 mL of 0.02 N NaOH



10.0 max

Fatty acid composition




7 - 14



1 - 6



19 - 30



44 - 62



4 - 11

Color Gardner

AOCS Td la-64

4 max


Greenish-yellow, bright & clear oily liquid

Flavor and Odor

Bland, almost odorless

Typical peroxide value


< 1.0 meq/kg

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refined sunflower oil

refined sunflower oil

refined sunflower oil

The product will be packed in 22 MT flexitanks. Made up of one (1) 180 microns thick polyethylene layer. This PEBD film is coextrusade and 100 % virgin, approved by the Food National Institute (FNI), and are joined trough welding by the ultrasound system. This layer is protected by an external shield made high tensile strength Polyester weave covered both sides with Polychloride of vinyl (PVC)

We start shipping within 30 to 40 days after receipt of l/c

Sunflower oil is commonly used in food as a frying oil. The largest producers: the Sunflower oil is commonly used in food as a frying oil. The largest producers: the Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Argentian and Spain

Restaurants and food manufacturers are becoming aware of the health benefits of sunflower oil. The oil can be used in conditions with extremely high cooking temperatures. It may also help food stay fresher and healthier for longer periods of time.
Physical properties
1. Appearance: No residue at 40 deg. C
2. Cold test: Min.48 hours at 0 deg. C
3. Colour: Max.1.2 red, lovibond tintometer 5/20 inch
4. Refractive index:1.465-1.475 at 40 deg. C
5. Density:0.91-0.92 g/cm3 at 20 deg. C
6. Volatile matter: Max.0.07 % at 105 deg. C
7. Taste : Excellent
8. Odor : None - not sensed

Chemical specifications

1. %free fatty acids (ffa): Max 0.1
2. % ash (*): Max.0.05
3. Saponification value:190.32 koh/g. Of oil
4. Iodine value:134.13 (wijs-hanus method)
5. Peroxide:0.2 meq/KG. Of oil
6. % soap:0.0005
7. % unsaponifiable matter: Max.0.12
8. Impurities: None
9. % saturated fat(-ty acids):8-12
10. % unsaturated fat(-ty acids):87-91
11. Feeding energy:900kcal
12. Iron : < 0.02 mg/lt
13. Fatty acid composition :
C14:0 :0.06 C16:0 :5.77 C18:0 :4.1 C18:1 :27.3
C18:2 :59.2 C20:0 :0.27 C18:3 :0.2

We are also producers, whole sellers and retailers of many other nuts and seed oil as bellow:

Soy beans oil

cotton oil

corn oil

Ginger oil

palm oil

sesame oil

olive oil.

You are welcome and preveledged to do business with ALI ANBD SULLY COMPAN LTD. contact us directly via our email address.

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