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Dispatch cable rewinding line

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Post Date : February 20
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China (Mainland),Jiangsu



I Description

This rewinding line is for rewinding large size bobbins for dispatch cables. It is comprised of two

same unit gantry type taking-up stands, both movableon rails for cable guiding.

The line is Siemens PLC control, cable guiding pitch and rewinding tension can be pre-set on a Siemens text displayer.The gantry frame is welded steel and vibrating ageing treated.

Bobbin will be supported by two tips which elevate driven by two motors & reducers via screws &


Bobbin clamping is achieved by motor & reducer, equipped with over-clamp protection.Taking-up/paying-off is driving by Siemens inverter controlled motor.Cable guiding is controlled by

Mitsubishi servo motor and driver.

II Main technical data

2.1 Suitable bobbin outer diameter: Φ800~Φ2000mm

2.2 Suitable bobbin width: 500~1300mm

2.3 Suitable bobbin inner hole: Φ79mm

2.4 Suitable bobbin weight: max. 10000kg

2.5 Suitable cable diameter: Φ15mm-Φ40mm

2.6 Rewinding speed: 2-30m/min

2.7 Main driving motor: 7.5kW, inverter controlled, Siemens brand

2.8 Cable guiding motor: 1kW, AC servo motor, Mitsubishi brand

2.9 Cable guiding pitch: 15-40mm

2.10 Elevating motor: 1.1kW, 2 sets

2.11 Clamping motor: 1.1kW

2.12 PLC & displayer: Siemens brand

2.13 Inverter: Siemens

2.14 Button switches: Schneider brand

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CTC-60 Transposing conductor production line

CTC-60 Transposing conductor production line

CTC-60 Transposing conductor production line


I Description

CTC-60 transposing conductor production line is special for CTC used in transformer windings less than 1000MVA and 1000KV. This machine can curve small side of the flat wire via accurate mechanical actions of transposing device and transpose each other repeatedly; Then combine together and taped with insulation papers and taken-up.

The complete line is comprised of compulsive back-twist pay-off cages, transposing device, 8-layer paper taping machine, double-station caterpillar type towing device, gantry type take-up stand, touch-screen PLC control system.

II Characteristics

1) Compact pay-off cage, 12 reels per cradle

2) Mechanical compulsive back-twist pay-off

3) Compulsive planning device with tension fine adjusting

4) Constant-pressure double pushing transposing action, transposing pitch 40225mm, gapless

adjustment, transposing frequency max. 100 times per minute.


5) Complementary tension type paper taping, lapping ratio arbitrarily preset between 40-70%


6) Double-station caterpillar type towing device, towing force is displayed and adjusted


7) AC inverter drive, PLC control, high precision synchronized controlling transmission of each part, recording and self-rectifying, long-distance diagnosing.


III Technical parameters of the line

3.1 Production speed:

Wire size


Output per shift







3.2 Control method: Pay-off is AC control; Main transposing machine is AC inverter control; Take-up is PLC inverter control

3.2 Suitable conductor:

Material: soft copper CPR1, CPR2, CPR3, yield strengthσ0.2≤260N/mm2

Thickness: 1.12mm~3.15mm

Width: 3.5mm~12.50mm

Width/thickness ratio: 3:1 ~ 8:1

Insulation grade of magnetic wire:

-- Acetal resin: 120 grade

-- Acetal + self-adhesive: 120 grade

-- Polyester-imide + polyamide-imide: 200

3.3 Quantity of conductors: 5~59 pieces

3.4 Finished transposed conductors:

-- Height: min. 5.50mm, max. 75.00mm

-- Width: min 6.30mm, max. 26.00mm

IV Main configuration

Electric control system: Lenz from Germany

Inverter: Mitsubishi from Japan

Inverter controlled motor: ABB from China

Electric components: Omron

Bearings: No.1 grade in China

Rollers: stainless steel or UHMW PE or 45# rigid chrome coated

Inverters are from Japan

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Twin-head fiberglass taping machine

Twin-head fiberglass taping machine

Twin-head fiberglass taping machine
I Description
This machine is special designed for taping fiberglass and film to copper/aluminum wires, section area 5~40mm2.Lin speed: 2.5~4m/min.
Fiberglass yarn size: inner diameter 42mm, yarn length 75mm, spool length 95mm.
It is of twin-head structure, each head has its own control system.
By adding high-frequency sintering device, this line can produce special film-taped magnet wires.

II Main technical data:
2.1 Suitable copper wire dimension: section area 5~40mm2
2.2 Whole line linear speed: 2.5~4m/min
2.3 Towing wheel diameter: 800mm
2.4 Film taping pitch: 6~24mm
2.5 Fiberglass taping pitch: 2~10mm
2.6 Baking oven: total 8 pieces, 2000mm long per piece (for twin-head)
2.7 Main driving motor power: 3kW x 2
2.8 Total line electric consumption: full load about 60kW
2.9 Line occupation: about 25m x 3.5m

III Line buildup
3.1 Pay-off:
Vertical type, motorized elevating
Equipped with pneumatic tensioning device; tension is adjustable
Bobbin weight: 800kg.
3.2 Straightener:
5 horizontal, 5 vertical, Straightening rollers are made from MC nylon, no damage to copper wire surface
Roller diameter: 46mm Distance between roller center: 80mm
3.3 Polishing & cleaning device
4 motorized brushes, 90 degree aligning
Brush material: Nylon, Brush rotating speed: 1440rpm, Motor for brush: 0.25kW
3.4 Film taping head
One single film taping head, taping max. two layers films
Suitable material: Kapton tape, polyimide film, mica tape, non-woven fabrics
Rotating direction can be adjusted, taping pitch is also adjustable 6~24mm
Tensioning device for film reel disk is mechanical constant tensioning
Automatic stop when film breaking off
Taping head frame, film disk plate and guiding wheel are made by aluminum alloy
Taping head is equipped with protection cover, full sealed, with view window and inner lighting lamp
Taping head clutching type: gear box clutching
Reducer: Planetary bubuliform, coaxial type
Towing wheel: made from aluminum alloy
3.5 Concentric fiberglass taping head
Concentric type taping
One line two taping heads (twin-head machine total 4 taping heads), each taping head can load 1 fiberglass yarn, 5 backup
Tension control method: mechanical constant tensioning
Each head has automatic stopping device when glass broke
Rotating direction is adjustable; taping pitch is adjustable within 2-10mm
3.6 Varnishing device
According to requirement, one varnish can be placed before taping fiberglass
Impregnation tanks are equipped with electric heater
3.7Towing device
Main towing wheel: integral structure, made by aluminum alloy, diameter 800mm, 7-groove, groove width 17mm
Auxiliary towing wheel: single wheel structure, diameter 800mm, 8-groove, groove width 17mm
Single-piece guide wheel: single wheel structure, diameter 800mm, groove width 17mm
All groove edges are chamfered, smooth and no damage to wire
3.8 Baking oven, frame type
External surface is made by stainless steel
Transmitted by linear guide and linear bearing, stable movement
Both motorized and manual movement are available
One line has two ovens (twin-head machine has four totally)
Length of baking oven: 2000mm
Heating method: stainless steel heating tube
Temperature control: digital electronic adjusting instrument
Total baking steps: 8 steps, circularly
3.9 Take-up device, horizontal type
Recoiling power: 3kW inverter control motor
Wire guiding method: by lighting rod, automatic
Loading & unloading method: motorized elevating, 0.55kW
Take-up reel weight: max. 80kg

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