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thick Hair Elastics

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  • many colors to choose from
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Post Date : March 11
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Guangdong China (Mainland)
many colors to choose from
1000 Piece/Pieces
100000000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
T/T,Western Union


Thick Hair Elastics
Using glue or metal clasp to attach ends
Many colors to choose from
Packing: as per client's requirements

Thick/Thin Hair Elastics

Multi Thick Endless Hair Elastics Bands Ties
Thick Elastic Hairbands

not suitable for under 3 years

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1) Materials: elsatic

2) Since all our hair elastics are 100% custom, you can choose any material color you'd like. ( Please kindly list Pantone ® color values or describe the colors you want. )

3) These hair elastics are made from strong elastic and help to grip the hair firmly in place, but this remains a comfy accessory.

4) elastic joined with crimped metal, glue, or stitching

5) Sizes and colors can be made to order

Regular size:

2mm thick, 14cm perimeter of a loop ( for thin hair elastics )

3mm thick, 14cm perimeter of a loop ( for thick hair elastics )

4mm or 5mm thick, 14cm perimeter of a loop ( for extra thick hair elastics )

6) Packing: pack of 6pcs, pack of 12pcs, pack of 50pcs, pack of 100pcs ( can be packed as per client's requirements )

fashion hairbandsh3053untitled bhair-elastic-748-fashion elastic hairbandsuntitledthin elastic hairbands

Please also have a look at our other items.


If for some reason, this is not what you want, then please kindly let us know what you are looking for and we will design and make them totally according to your own requirements.

Thank you very much !

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Custom Flat Imprinted Lanyard

Custom Flat Imprinted Lanyard

Custom Flat Imprinted Lanyard

Custom Lanyard
1) Imprinted Tube, 2) Imprinted Polyester 3)Woven Polyester 4)Imprinted Nylon 5)ID Reel 6) Card Holder


We have pre-selected the recommended with for your chosen style.
(5/8" and 3/4" are our most popular widths.)

2)Lanyard Color
Since all our lanyards are 100% custom, you can choose any material color you'd like.
(List PANTONE® color values or describe the color(s) you want.)

Custom colors available for quantity 1000 and above.

3)Design Colors
Please kindly advise the color
you want to include in your text, log, or graphics.

4)Lanyard Text
This text is what will appear on your lanyards. (i.e. name of company, school, slogan, etc.)

(You can leave this blank if you don't want any text on your lanyards.)

You can upload a logo other graphic to see on your custom lanyards.
If you don't have a graphic handy but would like one, just describe what you need.

6)Style the backside of your lanyards
Include your design on both sides of your lanyards.
Double-Sided Design ($0.05 extra)

7)Choose an attachment / hook.
A)Standard Attachments
These are the most commonly-used hooks, clasps, and other lanyard attachments.


B)Upgrade Attachments
For thicker hooks, pick an upgrade attachment for a few extra cents per lanyard.


Select any optional attachments below.

Safety Breakaway

Breakaways allow lanyards to "break" free from around your neck if they get snagged or pulled on.
The safety breakaway is located in the back of the neck and does not interfere with the lanyard design.


Buckle Attachment
Connected at the base of the lanyard, allowing for easy release of the attachment.


Badge Holder
These 100% clear pouches allow you to display an ID, badge, name tag, or card on your lanyards.
Photos are not to scale. Sizes are in inches.


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Metal Tips ( for shoelaces )

Metal Tips ( for shoelaces )

Metal Tips ( for shoelaces )

Metal Tipping for Shoelaces
Tipping Length: 2cm 2.5cm 3cm
Color: plating color or coating color
Size can be made to order

Metal Tipping for shoelaces

Shoelaces Metal Tipping

Tipping Length: 20mm, 25mm, 30mm

1) Plating Color

Color: Silver, Gold, Bronze, Antique Copper, Black Oxidized, Antique Brass, Copper, Tin, Nickel, Black Nickel, Zinc

Tipping Logo: embossed logo or engraved logo




2) Coating color

Color: any custom color ( please kindly list the Pantone values or describe the color you want )

Logo: embossed logo, engraved logo, printing logo

no.a--no.bno.e--no hno.i--no.k

Size,Style and Colors can be made to order

MOQ: 5000pcs

Lead Time: orders of 5000pcs or more usually ship within 1-2 weeks

metal tips shoelaces 300016

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