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Green Solar Energy - Solar Panel

Post Date : April 23
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Our products include power output of standard 5W to 360W solar panels and customized solar panels. There are both mono-crystalline products and poly-crystal products.

We provide green, clean, sustainable solar energy by High-quality PV panels to on-grid and off-grind residential, commercial, industrial and large-scale public facilities around the world.

60 Cells Poly:

Power output Pmax W 260 255 250 245 240 235 230

Voltageat Pmax Vmpp V 30.3 30.0 29.8 29.6 29.3 30.0 29.5

Current at Pmax Impp A 8.59 8.49 8.39 8.28 8.18 7.83 7.80

Open-circuit voltage Voc V 37.7 37.7 37.6 37.5 37.5 37.2 36.6

Max. static load, front (e.g., snow) 5400

Max. static load, back (e.g., wind) 2400Pa


Weight: 18.5kg

Front cover (material / thickness): low-iron tempered glass / 3.2mm

Cell (quantity / material / dimensions): 60 / polycrystalline silicon / 156mm x 156mm

Frame: anodized aluminum alloy

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