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peanut candy packing machine

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Post Date : April 17
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back packing machine
Shanghai China (Mainland)
1 Set/Sets
6 Set/Sets per Month
Packing Machine


1,easy to operate
2,touch screen control
3,fault check function
4,high speed

1. The obvious advantage is the fast speed and it is applied to the high-speed packaging of small articles in block type;

2. Multi-axis driving: the mechanical structure is quite simple while maintenance is quite convenient;

3. Man-machine interface: bag length, material level, cursor place, coding, air-flushing and other functions can be realized with digital setting;Directly inputting on the screen and then saving for debugging for the next time;

4. Fault self-diagnosis function makes it easy to display the fault;

5. Specially designed bag holder and lifting horizontal sealing structure can flexibly adapt to the packaging materials in different specifications;

6. As for the air packaging, sealing must be fixed as well as elegant;

7. Different additional devices can be configured, so as to reach more comprehensive and stronger functions;


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SMZ-260  Horizontal  Packing   Machine

SMZ-260 Horizontal Packing Machine

SMZ-260 Horizontal Packing Machine

1,microcomputer control,
2,intelligent english language interface,
3,adjustable ingenious structure ,suitable for packing m

food packing machine

Technical parameter:
Film width 260mm
bag length 70-190mm
bag width 30-90mm
packing height 10-35mm
Volume mode diameter 450mm
packing speed 20-240bag/min
Equipment size 3400*700*1450mm
Note: with * non-standard size orders, please explain in advance.
Updated equipment, technical data are subject to change without notice

Brief discription
SMZ-260 automatic packaging machine adopts microcomputer control,
intelligent Chinese language interface, adjustable ingenious structure so that
it can meet the specifications of packaging materials, compact and reasonable
structure design, operation and maintenance is very convenient, high-precision
photoelectric automatic tracking, seal cutting accurate and stable position. The
sealing temperature control, suitable for a variety of packaging membrane.
Machine efficiency, stable performance, easy operation, has been widely used
in food, medicine, daily chemicals, hardware and other industries. Such as:
cookies, candy, egg rolls, moon cake, paper towels, capsules, bearings, toys
and other small items of packaging.

Performance analysis:
high-speed packaging
a wide range of packaging
simple operation
easy maintenance
low failure rate
Packaging machine for sachima has the following characteristics:
1. Speeds up to 150 bags / min;
2. Adapt to all kinds of free adjustment;
3. Angular and three-dimensional body-fitted package, in order
to have more than one brand
The sachima use this packaging.


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SML-600 Auto Packing Machine

SML-600 Auto Packing Machine

SML-600 Auto Packing Machine

Feature: side of embossing clear, tighten packing, steady operation and large volume


Technical parameter


Bag length 80-300mm

Bag width 50-200mm

Film roll diameter ≤400mm

Paching speed 10-50bag/min

Clculate scope 100-1000g

Power 220V/2.5KW

Machine size 780x1160x1880mm

Machine weight 350kg

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