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Marine Boiler Water Supply Pump

  • US $ 100 - 3,000 / Set  
  • 1 Set/Sets
  • US $100 - 3,000 / Set
  • marine pump
  • Shanghai,China
  • 24V
  • Tag:Boiler Water Supply Pump,Ggj Pump,Boiler Pump
  • Supplier - Shanghai Crosscover Technology Limited
  • China (Mainland)China (Mainland)
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US $100 - 3,000 / Set
marine pump
16 - 21A
> 4500GPH
1 Set/Sets
6100 Set/Sets per Year


1.GCJ type marine bioler water supply pump
Boiler Feed Water Pump
2.Offer all type of pump
3.Good price

GCJ type marine bioler water supply pump
we offer all type of marine pump

General Description
Type 1.5GCJ pump is centrigugal pumps of single suction and multi-stage segmental type which can be used to transport clean water and liquids with physical and chemical nature similar to water.The liquid temperature is not higher than 110 °C .It is suitable for water feeding to boilers,and water supplying to factories and cities.
Designation of 1.5GCJ — 5 × 6
1.5 —— Suction diameter(mm)divided by 25 , and then change the Value into integer
G —— Boiler feed pump
C —— Indicating type of te pump
J —— Mechanical seals
5 —— Specific speed divided by 10 (i.e.the specific speed of the pump is 50)
6 —— Number of impellers

The directions of suction and discharge of the pump are all vertical and upward .with different stages selected according to the needed head.
Stator of the pump is composed of suction casing .mid-segment.discharge casing .end cover and bearing body.
Rotor of the pump is composed of shaft.impellers.sleeves,and balancing disk,The two ends are supported by the ball-bearings
Paper gaskets are used on the contacting surfaces between the suction casing.mid-segment and discharge casing of the pump.They are sealed by tightening the bolts. O-rings are mounted on the interfaces between the sleeves to prevent water from entering the bearnjngs. ilimmersed machine is sealing at the two ends the pump.
There are water cooling jackets around the bearing housings.when the temperature of liquid is higher than 80 °C ,Cooling water should be turned on to cool the bernings.
Calcium grease lubricant is firled into the bearing thrugh oil-cups.
Viewing from the direction of the suction casing .the pump is rotating clockwise

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8.GCJ marine bioler water supply pump

Marine Boiler Water Supply Pump



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