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geometer GPS area measurement system

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GeoMeter — Precise GPS area measurement system, which allows you to measure areas of any geometry, distances and to mark waypoints.

Geometer is making area measurements in real time. Adjusting the points by time or distance.


During the measurements, the screen displays the area and length of the path traveled by the current time. Every steps adding new points. You can use auto recording mode or averaging function. If necessary you can make a break by deactivating the auto recording mode, to overcome an obstacle.


During the distance measurements, the screen displays the number of points and length of path traveled by the current time. Every steps adding new points. For the distance measuring you can use standart auto logging function or averaging. Measuring at once you can know length of any side of your field. And other distances between the areas. Just mark 2 points on the screen to see the distance between them.


With geometer you can add your current GPS position with averaging or not. Also you can mark the place with fixed point and special icon to fast viewing. Always you can see your current coordinates and save them. Geometer can navigate to any fixpoints displaying direction and distance. Always you can know the distances between 2 fixed points: by number or clicking on the screen.


You can use the averaging function to measure areas with better accuracy. This method is more slow than auto point logging

When you keeps your GPS geometer fixed at a certain location, the position are distributed around a central position. With averaging function you can enhance the accuracy of your measurements, specially if you don't have a very irregular contour. You can use averaging function for accurate area measuring, distances and for accurate fixpoints.


Do your area measurements excluding non-interested area. Thus you will know the precise area of productive land

Non-interested area measurement is as simple as the normal area measurement function. You just need to use HOLES function and create a new object to be measured. You can add a measured HOLE via GPS coordinates from the satellites, or draw the object using the drawing editor.


Combine cost-effectiveness and performance with geometer. Push the button and know your area

Geometer is the simple to use and reliable device. It can operate without a base station and access fee. There’s no need to waste time changing settings with useful feature START WIZARD, as one touch is all you need to start measuring the distance or area. Before using, make sure that the geometer has detected enough satellites (10-12 satellites), and start measuring. To bring your areas online or print them, it is better to use free online service Geometer easily connects with PC or laptop as new drive.

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