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Bonding strength tester for tile and rivet

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  • Tag:Bonding strength tester for tile and rivet, engineering NDT instrument
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Post Date : September 24
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12 months
10-15 working days
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China (Mainland),Jiangsu


Tags: Bonding strength tester for tile and rivet, engineering NDT instrument


This bonding strength tester is used for bonding strength test of rivet, heat-insulation material, tile, it’s kind of very common engineering detection instrument.


Integration design, digital pressure value display
Door type for big travel
Special alloy made
Peak value maintain and data storage function
LCD display, low power consumption
Hi-speed USB communication port, professional analysis software( optional)

Technical specifications

Max. pull out force: 5KN10KN

Pull out travel: 60mm

Error: <2%

Battery: 4.2V rechargeable battery

Net weight: 1.8kg

Standard configuration

1.Main machine
ф3/ф5/ф8 rivet pullout block*1pc
3.standard block: 100X100*3pcs( hanging type) tile pullout block is optional part

4.recharger: 1pc
5.connecting cable: 1pc
6.carrying case: 1pc
7.Operational manual, certificate, warranty card*1pc
Application software

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High accuracy bonding strength tester

High accuracy bonding strength tester

High accuracy bonding strength tester

Model: BTNJ-6000


This bonding strength tester can test the bonding strength of outdoor tile, thermal insulation material, thermal insulation mortar, paint, coatings.

Application standards

JGJ110-97<building engineering face tile bonding strength test standards>

JGJ144-2004<outdoor external thermal insulation engineering technical regulations>

JG158-2004<powder polyphenyl granule external thermal insulation system>

JG149-2003<external thermal insulation system of thin-plastered EPS board >


Integration design, embedded intelligent pressure digital display system

Special alloy material for ultralight weight

Peak value maintain and data storage function

LCD display, blue light, ultralow power

High speed USB communication port, professional analysis software

Technical parameters

Max. tensile: 6KN

Tensile travel: 10mm

main machine weight: 1.8kg

accuracy degree: 1.0%F.S

power supply: 4.2V rechargeable battery

Main configurations

1. Main machine *1set, including precision sensor detection unit and embedded digital pressure gauge

2. Two groups(3 for one) standard blocks(95mm×45mm/40mm×40mm)

3. Data transmission cable and analysis software

6. Al alloy carrying case

7 Recharger*1pc

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Ultrasonic flaw detector for Metal

Ultrasonic flaw detector for Metal

Ultrasonic flaw detector for Metal

This Ultrasonic flaw detector is used for flaw detection of Metal materials, it's kind of common common metal NDT instrument.

Main features

DAC, AVG curve automatic generation, limitless on sample points, can offset and


Transmission pulse adjustable, 2000 Hz Max.

100 independent detection channel, can free setup and storage multi kinds of

detection technology and standards, sample free for in-situ detection

Max. 25m range return signal can be handled

Real-time dynamic video record during detection, can be reviewed, Max. 160mins

record length

5.7 inch TFT display, display color can be customized setup

Single probe, double robe, penetration, multi kinds working modes

Positive half wave, negative half wave, full wave, Radio frequency 4 types

detection mode

Features Double gates wave catch function

Automatic test results correction of defect location according to planar diameter

Automatic test, measure crack depth

Real time highest wave detection, recording Max. detection value

Features wave crest track portray, wave crest record of defect return wave, assist

on defects qualitative judgement.

Features welding crack graphical presentation, equivalent hole calculation


Sound-light alarm can be setup under conditions like gate, curve advancing wave,

wave lost, and many others.

Main menu and sub-menu on the same window, easy to see and operation

Shortcut key for main functions rapid enter, the shuttle roller easy for fast setup


Multi industries reports selectable

Build-in thickness B scan, color B scan

USB 2.0 for data transport.

Large capacity lithium battery for over 20hours continuous work, the battery can

be replaced freely

Spare battery can be recharged separately

Can be operated by single hand via wrist strap or front the chest via strap

Protection degree: IP53

Technical specifications

Test range




Sound velocity range


Linear restrain


Gain range


Vertical linear error


Display delay


Horizontal linear error


Probe zero shift


Dynamic range


Working frequency


pulse type


Electric noise level

100/150/200/500Ω selectable

pulse strength

8 steps adjustable

Probe damp


pulse width

Auto matching 50-1000ns

Repeat frequency


Ambient temperature

-10-50 degree C

Sensitivity margin

Ambient humidity

20-95% RH

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