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PVH Piston Pump York

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Post Date : September 10
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Eaton Vickers PVH Hydraulic Piston Pump PVH57, PVH74, PVH98, PVH131

Theory: Axial Flow Pump Structure: Piston Pump Usage: Oil
Power: Hydraulic Standard or Nonstandard: Standard piston pump: Vickers piston pump
pump: PVH pump PVH pump: Vickers PVH pump hydraulic pump: hydraulic piston pump
Vickers piston pump: PVH Vickers piston pump PVB pump: Vickers PVB pump PVQ pump: Vickers PVQ pump


Eaton Vickers Variable PVH Hydraulic Piston Pump PVH57, PVH74, PVH98, PVH131, and PVQ, PVB available as well.

Produce replacement Eaton Vickers Variable PVH Hydraulic Piston Pump PVH57, PVH74, PVH98, PVH131.

and PVH spare part for the Cylinder Blocks (Barrels), Piston Shoe Assemblies, Retainer Plates (Set Plate), Ball Guides
Thrust Plate (Piston Shoe Plate), Valve Plates, Swash Plate, Swash Cradles, Drive Shafts, Rotating Group

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Vickers Vane Pump Cartridge Plate 20VQ  25VQ  35VQ 45VQ

Vickers Vane Pump Cartridge Plate 20VQ 25VQ 35VQ 45VQ

Vickers Vane Pump Cartridge Plate 20VQ 25VQ 35VQ 45VQ

This series of pump is composed of replaceable cartridge kits, which reduce the construction time thus enhance production efficiency. Optimum design of pump core further reduce the pressure shimmy, flow pulsation and noise of the pump. Reliable pressure balance which compensate the space can have better capacity efficiency. The proper design of oil supply system between vane and intra-vane enables good contact between vane and stator and ensure minimum flow loss. The unique design, highprecision processing and rational material selections prolong the service life of the pump.

With complete specifications, reliable performance, simple and rational structure, convenient installation and repairing (the connection complies with IS O and SAE), the pump is widely used in machine-tool, press and diecasting machines, engineering, plastic injection moulding and other machineries.

20VQ 25VQ 35VQ 45VQ Inlet plate and outlet plate, front and rear plate

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Vickers Vane Pump  Shaft Seal 20V(Q)25V(Q) 35V(Q) 45V(Q)

Vickers Vane Pump Shaft Seal 20V(Q)25V(Q) 35V(Q) 45V(Q)

Vickers Vane Pump Shaft Seal 20V(Q)25V(Q) 35V(Q) 45V(Q)

20V 2 20V-2A-1A-10R 20V-2A-1B-10R 20V-2A-1C-10R 20V-2A-1D-10R
3 20V-3A-1A-10R 20V-3A-1B-10R 20V-3A-1C-10R 20V-3A-1D-10R
4 20V-4A-1A-10R 20V-4A-1B-10R 20V-4A-1C-10R 20V-4A-1D-10R
5 20V-5A-1A-10R 20V-5A-1B-10R 20V-5A-1C-10R 20V-5A-1D-10R
6 20V-6A-1A-10R 20V-6A-1B-10R 20V-6A-1C-10R 20V-6A-1D-10R
7 20V-7A-1A-10R 20V-7A-1B-10R 20V-7A-1C-10R 20V-7A-1D-10R
8 20V-8A-1A-10R 20V-8A-1B-10R 20V-8A-1C-10R 20V-8A-1D-10R
9 20V-9A-1A-10R 20V-9A-1B-10R 20V-9A-1C-10R 20V-9A-1D-10R
11 20V-11A-1A-10R 20V-11A-1B-10R 20V-11A-1C-10R 20V-11A-1D-10R
12 20V-12A-1A-10R 20V-12A-1B-10R 20V-12A-1C-10R 20V-12A-1D-10R
14 20V-14A-1A-10R 20V-14A-1B-10R 20V-14A-1C-10R 20V-14A-1D-10R
25V 10 25V-10A-1A-10R 25V-10A-1B-10R 25V-10A-1C-10R 25V-10A-1D-10R
12 25V-12A-1A-10R 25V-12A-1B-10R 25V-12A-1C-10R 25V-12A-1D-10R
14 25V-14A-1A-10R 25V-14A-1B-10R 25V-14A-1C-10R 25V-14A-1D-10R
17 25V-17A-1A-10R 25V-17A-1B-10R 25V-17A-1C-10R 25V-17A-1D-10R
21 25V-21A-1A-10R 25V-21A-1B-10R 25V-21A-1C-10R 25V-21A-1D-10R
35V 25 35V-25A-1A-10R 35V-25A-1B-10R 35V-25A-1C-10R 35V-25A-1D-10R
30 35V-30A-1A-10R 35V-30A-1B-10R 35V-30A-1C-10R 35V-30A-1D-10R
35 35V-35A-1A-10R 35V-35A-1B-10R 35V-35A-1C-10R 35V-35A-1D-10R
38 35V-38A-1A-10R 35V-38A-1B-10R 35V-38A-1C-10R 35V-38A-1D-10R
45V 42 45V-42A-1A-10R 45V-42A-1B-10R 45V-42A-1A-10R 45V-42A-1D-10R
45 45V-45A-1A-10R 45V-45A-1B-10R 45V-45A-1A-10R 45V-45A-1D-10R
50 45V-50A-1A-10R 45V-50A-1B-10R 45V-50A-1A-10R 45V-50A-1D-10R
60 45V-60A-1A-10R 45V-60A-1B-10R 45V-60A-1A-10R 45V-60A-1D-10R

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