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CNJ-AMS400 Semi-automatic magnetic strip applicator

Post Date : September 25
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Equipment function and application introduction

The machine controlled by relay, use imported temperature control implement to control the temperature, the spot welding time is controlled by time relay, the magnetic tape can be mounted on the covered film under the heating and pressure. It is available for mounting sheet material.

Feature :

Use double cylinders to be motivity, the pressure of the welding spot can be adjusted, the magnetic strip

welding spot is level off and firm.Heating temperature control method: use the heater to heat up and the import thermocouple cooperating with temperature controller to control the temperature, it is easy to set

and the temperature controller is precision. The spot welding time controlled by time relay and the time can be adjusted as needed. It is simple and convenient for setting.

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CNJ-AMS1000 automatic magnetic strip applicator

CNJ-AMS1000 automatic magnetic strip applicator

CNJ-AMS1000 automatic magnetic strip applicator

Function introduction:

Coiled magnetic strip can be mounted on the PET or PVC film or sheet material when the recycling system will recycle the magnetic strip foil. After the mounting finished, cutting it into prearrange length. The magnetic strip can be mounted and cut synchronously. The whole process finished automatically,with stable working condition.

Range for apply material:

Coil film:Thickness:0.04-0.2mm.


Function and Feature:

1. The system is automatically controlled by PLC and operated on touch screen human-machine inter face.

2. Feed sending by driven servo-motor, which controls running speed and the length of the feeding film both speed and length are adjusted.

3. Several groups roller impact the structure, the pressure of the cylinder can be adjusted to insure the covered film is parallel and orderliness.

4. The motivity for the film cutting is driven by cylinder, with simple structure and good working state.

5. The recycling system recycles the magnetic stripe foil automatically.

6. Use barometric pressure spindle material loading and unloading system, it is convenient to load and upload material.

7. Heating temperature controlling method:use the heater to heat up and the imported thermocouple cooperating with temperature controller to control the temperature,it is easy to set and the temperature controller is precise.

8. The temperature and pressure of each magnetic laying head can be adjusted solely.

9. Use automatic tension control system to send feeds, so that conveying of film can be stable.

10. It realizes the processing of coil film to sheet material or sheet material to sheet material stripe laying.

Technical parameter:

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CNJ-A6 Air Laminator

CNJ-A6 Air Laminator

CNJ-A6 Air Laminator

Product introduction:

The CNJ-A6 Air laminator which is developed by CNJACKY Company is a highly efficient and intelligent PVC card making laminator.The temperature is controlled by the digital meter, which automatically carries on all the processes of heating, keeping a stable temperature , cooling. When the procedure is over, it will sound out a warning.The laminator is cooled by air.You can add pressure directly through the handle wheel. The machine is marvelous with a fine-looking appearance,stable performance, simple operation,advanced designing, reliable quality. High-quality heating and cooling elements make both heating up and cooling down well distributed, which avoids the wastes caused by excessive temperature differential because of the slow heating up and cool cast iron elements. Now it can laminate Non-contact IC & ID cards.

Lamination Area:100X120mm*mm

Pressing Method:with handle wheel

Cooling Method:water air cooling

Layers: 1~10sheet

Room temperature: 0~180°C


Power:220VAC 50Hz


Gross Weight: 25kg

Size: 400×250×400 mm

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