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CNJ-90 hot stamper

Post Date : September 26
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Product details:

This machine is developed according to the normal gilding machine,for adopting the precise feeding paper structure and feeding materials equipment it can gild photographs and embossed code is the necessary equipment for making PVC is designed specially for gilding on the PVC card. it is used to gild words,lace and number on the VIP card,certificate card,bank card and other cards.gild on embossed code or concave code through this machine,you will get the a three-dimensional appearance and bright color,refined and beautiful products.

Technology parameter:

Mode: CNJ-90 card tipping machine

The color belt color: golden,silver,red,black and so on

Gilding area: less than 60mm*90mm

Working efficiency: more than 1800pcs/hour( single piece per time)


Gross weight:12kg


Wooden package size :L480mm*W330mm*H420mm

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CNJ-EG-AS Automatic Embosser and tipper

CNJ-EG-AS Automatic Embosser and tipper

CNJ-EG-AS Automatic Embosser and tipper

Product details:

CNJ-EG-AS high speed single mould automatic emboss and gild machine, it adopts PLC control system and touch-screen man-machine interface, easy to operate. It automatically to manage the embossing and gilding process. The big/small and English font moulds are available. The embossed fonts are fine looking and full, as good as embossed by the imported embosser,

also perfect gilding effect. The max production capacity is 6800cards/hour,it is the necessary equipment for the professional card making factories.


1,Big/small font moulds are available, also combines the gilding and collecting together automatic embosser.

2,Use the hydraulic station as dynamo, It is stable in performance, also the running speed and the emboss stroke both are adjustable.

3,To adjust the font mould position in no more than 4.0mm distance from the card edge.

4,The deviation from left to right for the font mould position is no more than +/-0.25mm.

5,Programmed setting to remove the unwanted numbers of 4 and 7.

6,Adjustable moving step for the gild feed belt to increase the rate of the stamping material.

7,Adopted double cartridges to collect cards to reduce the rate of disorder.

Technical parameter:


CNJ-EG-AS single mould automatic emboss and gild machine

Suitable for

PVC and other plastic material

Card thickness range


Card size


Control method

PLC control

Max. font digit

19 digit

Hydraulic system pressure


Air compressor pressure



AC220V/50-60Hz 3KW

Air source

6kg/cm2(no water)

Production capacity






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CNJ-Magnetic Card Encoding and UV Printing System

CNJ-Magnetic Card Encoding and UV Printing System

CNJ-Magnetic Card Encoding and UV Printing System

Usage :

It is used to encode the magnetic cards followed by UV printer to print the corresponding variable data onto the cards.


1. Magnetic Card Feeder Overlapped Card Detection Encoder Disqualified Card Rejecter Flip Station Card Surface Treatment UV PrinterUV Dryer OCR Machine Vision Inspection Card Collecting

2. Double labeling unit make the label roll change easy.

3. The unwinding device with driven can prevent the label from being broken under high speed.


1. Encoding, card flipping, printing and OCR in one machine ensures the data accuracy.

2. Encoding and printing can be finished in one run. This increases the production efficiency and decreases the labor cost.

3. Optional overlapped card detection triggers the warning and machine stop when there are overlapped cards.

4. System software is developed by CNJACKY. It can be conveniently modified so that to meet different customersneeds.

5. Imported worldwide famous brand control components are strictly tested ensuring the high reliability.


Max. Conveyor Speed: 50m/min

System speed: 70 pieces / Min (depended on the encoding data amount)

Max. Card Width: 54mm

Card Thickness: 0.1 - 3mm

Power: 1500W 4500W (depends on the final configuration)

Power Supply: Single Phase, 220V, 50/60Hz

Compressed Air: 0.4 - 0.6MPa

Environment Temperature: 0 - 50°C

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