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Insert the key into the time-first with gambling machines keyhole, spend minutes after le 248 criminal suspects . Among them, the Detention 12 people arrested two people, 154 people in administrative detention, a fine of 80 people.

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Title: The man in the hot pot restaurants playing card playing cards sitting next guests were excited to throw scalding | Chongqing | _ Sand Rd Phoenix News

Content: Original title: The man in the hot pot restaurants excitement playing card playing cards sitting next fall when guests were burne KongXianSheng playing card playing cards fly to the pot, soup splashing oil to neighbor, two guests suffer. Chongqing Morning News reporters Feng Jingshe and Zuo Xiaojie uncomfortably over his eyes. Police last night courtesy, Mr. Kong, and a bunch of friends in the Playing Card Manufacturers ,Customized playing cards,

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room trapdoor." 9:57, the reporter again alarm wiring police said:. "Police arrived on the scene has been seized of the matter." once again show their identity after reporters reflect: e gambling games room. Compared to reporters before the police, wherever he goes outside to see people become more vigilant, before a few people just standing in the doorway, and now it is sitting in the doorway, and constantly observe the surroundings. The game room, which includes a total of 33 people, including tPlaying Card Manufacturers ,Customized playing cards,

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playing cards photos

playing cards photos

"Although there are police rushed to the vicinity of the incident, but did not performed to investigate gambling game room, and now the main entrance of the casino games room has been closed, personnel involved in gambling may have fled, hoping the police can be rushed to the scene to see the situation. "police said the line" know "that hang up the phone. After that, the reporter in the gambling game room surrounding observed over 30 minutes, but still did not see the police to investigate gambling games room. 30 pm, the reporter left the scene. Bo game room is still open 28 afternoon, reporters call Mr. Wen said:. "Playroom was closed last night, this afternoon began to open, and being in front of a curtain son added," One afternoon, reporters third times came to thPlaying Card Manufacturers ,Customized playing cards,

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