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Post Date : December 30
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there is corrosion cracking tendencies. Structural parts for a variety of hot ,, thermal equipment parts. HSn90-1 mechanical properties and process performance very istant alloy, high strength and hardness and wear resistance, corrosion resistance is also good, but there is a tendency corrosion cracking, poor plasticity. Brass cation of a wide variety of brass. Work under corrosive conditions of the important parts and weak current industrial parts. HMn57-3-1 strength, high hardness, low plasticity, only plastic processing

the hot state; in the atmosphere, water, superheated steam in corrosion resistance than brass, but there is corrosion cracking tendencies. Corrosion-resistant structural parts. HMn55-3-1 pe
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camping gear for kids

camping gear for kids

camping gear for kids

Cars, tractors and other corrosion-resistant elastic sleeve Antifriction parts. HSn62-1 have in seawater high corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, cold brittle when cold, only suitable for thermal processing, good machinability, easy soldering and brazing, but there is corrosion cracking (quarter crack) tendencies. Used for contact with sea water or gasoline ship parts or other parts. HSn60-1 HSn62-1 similar performance

e good corrosion resistance and impact resistance to corrosion, but dezincification and corrosion cracking tendencies. Used as a condenser and other corrosion-resistant parts of the ship and the waterfront thermal power plants. HAl67-2.5 in hot and cold st
Camping Tent Manufacturers, Camping Tent Suppliers, Company

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