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Shandong China (Mainland)
Ningbo or Qingdao
beer container
beer tower, beer can, beer keg
L/C,T/T,Western Union
1000 Piece/Pieces per Week


Beer container:
1.we can supply beer tower, beer keg, beer can and the keg coupler
2.with best quality and price!

Stainless Steel Beer Keg--Euro standard

1. The Capacity Specification:

15L, 20L, 30L, and 50L.

2. Keg Structure:

2.1 Beads: Provides first-rate protection for the areas most exposed to the effects of falls and impacts. The pronounced shape ensures exceptional strength and also offers the benefits of a convenient design for handling purposes.

2.2 Hand holes: Secure handling of kegs is easy. The cleanly formed hand holes are absolutely free from burrs and provide a good grip. They enhance strength and are accident and injury proof.

2.3 Keg neck: To meet the requirements and high outputs of modern filling technology, we use forged material with high forming strength and single-fillet welding.

2.4 Rolling rings: These make a major contribution to the strength of the keg. The easy-clean contour is obtained by means of the special production process.

2.5 Circular weld: State-of-the-art welding technology ensures that welds are free from cracks and pitting. The clean, smooth inner surface is easy to clean and resists infection sources that might contaminate the contents.

2.6 Bottom chime: The chimes have to be especially robust. Exceptionally high buckling strength is achieved with stainless steel produced to the specification.

2.7 Embossing and labeling: A broad array of brand logos, symbols, production and filling data can be carried on the kegs.

2.8 Our kegs can be stackable.

3. Production Process

3.1 Deep drawing: Special drawing presses are used to produce highly accurate, precision-dimensioned, smooth-surfaced deep-drawn parts from circular blanks.

3.2 Forming: Technical crimping of beads in the cold-formed keg halves. Cutting the keg halves. Making the bunghole in to half of the keg.

3.3 Welding in the necks: The necks are automatically welded in the top keg halves using a special method.

3.4 Embossing and labeling: Customer-specific data are embossed or stamped on the kegs in a special press. Such data include the customer’s name, logo, type approvals and serial numbers

3.5 From bending, welding, rolling: The chime strips are rolled into rounds, tensed and welded fully automatically to produce the chime rings. These are rolled in a hydraulic forming press equipped with special tools.

3.6 Stamping and forming: The hand and drain holes are stamped and punched fully automatically by precision machines. All parts are mechanically deburred safe handling.

3.7 Welding the chimes on the keg halves: The chimes are welded on the top and bottom keg halves by special welding methods.

3.8 Circumferential welding of the two keg halves: The keg halves are welded together to obtain the complete keg on fully automatic circumferential welding machines. Hygienic, smooth, narrow, flat weld seams and perfect weld root, especially on the side in contact with the product.

3.9 Pickling, pre-rinsing, passivation, rinsing: The kegs are pickled, rinsed and passivated inside and out, to ensure a grease-free, hygienically sealed surface.

4. Material

SUS304/2B, the thickness is using 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 18mm, 2.0mm according to the capacity and customer’s requirements.

5. The pressure test

The keg is pressed with 0.5MPa and kept 3 minutes.


beer tower

capacity:2.5L, 3L or 5L



Base: ABS

tube: Pmma,Pc

Faucet: plastic,s.steel

Cacacity:3L or 5L

With icetube,tap can rotate

Tapplastic tap

We are looking forward to your earliest inquiry,and we will offer you the best product in the lowest price.

basement A-04

5L Beer Can

Product Fetures:


1.big capacity,fitting for gathering, and tightness, safety and hygiene;

2. higher-grade, easy to carry;

3. in line with the green environmental protection requirements, to change the traditional single form of aluminum package.

4. Most characteristic design is the use of opening the valve,by location of the valve control, choose to remain sealed or open status, extension of time to maintain the flavor of beer.

5L Beer Keg.jpgBeer Kegs(black).jpgplastic beer keg-A

Update Date:2011-4-8 2:53:57

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quick disconnect coupling

quick disconnect coupling

quick disconnect coupling

1.quick disconnect coupling designed a wide virity application
2.highly accurate technology creates extramly tight seal.

quick disconnect coupling

Quick disconnect coupling is composed by two parts--the socket and the plug. It is also called the male part and the female part.

Quick disconnect coupling is for general purpose, medium pressure.

1.Quick disconnect coupling has two-way shut-off with an automatic shut-off valve incorporated into the both socket and the plug.

2.Quick disconnect coupling has automatic shut-off vales in socket and plug provide an instant, perfect seal when coupling is disconnected.

3.Quick disconnect coupling packing be selected according to fluid type.

4. Quick disconnect coupling: highly accurate machining technology creates an extramely tight seal.

5. Quick disconnect coupling is designed for a wide varity of applications. For the water, the hot liquid, the oil, acid, alkali and the salty water.

6. Quick disconnect coupling is made of the stainless steel 304#. It has a lot of size. for example, 1/4'' , 2/8'', 1/2'', 3/4'', 1'', 11/4'', 11/2'' and 2''.


1. Water piping, sea water, beer and other liquid food

2. Oxygen, acetylence

3. Steam piping

4. Chemicals, checmical plants

5. High-presure gas


When disconected the socket and plug valves seal instantly, automatically shutting off fluid flow to prevent leakage.

When connected the socket and plug valves push together, opening to permit free flow of fluid through coupling. An O-ring in the socket seals the plug surface preventing


Update Date:2010-11-23 23:35:30

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Stainless Steel Beer Keg

Stainless Steel Beer Keg

Stainless Steel Beer Keg

1. Stainless Steel keg Made of 304 stainless steel, within the s-style extractor tube2. Ubreakble stainless steel outer shell.

I Type Stainless Steel Beer Keg:
This kind of beer keg is made of imported stainless steel with PUR thermal layer and two beer pouring tips, upper tip and bottom tip, and the outer shell is impacted by many precision models and welded by argon arc welding technology. The main types are 10L, 15L, 20L and 30L.
II Type Stainless Steel Keg:
This kind of keg is professionally designed for containing cleaning materials, such like chemical materials of microelectronics, labs and other kinds of hyper pure industrial chemical materials. This kind of keg is welded by imported stainless steel, SSUS 304, and electrolytic polished to keep the integrity of contained liquor.






Height (mm)

O.D. (mm)

% Franchise
Keg weight (g)

















Update Date:2010-11-23 23:35:56

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