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Huaxian Daokou the Big Dipper?Electrostatic Separator

Post Date : June 02
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Huaxian Daokou the Big Dipper Electrostatic Separation Equipment Factory is one of the few renewable resource recycling enterprises. Specializing in waste aluminum-plastic separating equipment have: separation equipment aluminum plate,Wahaha cap, aluminum pipe, tablet packing and other scrap aluminium plastic composite materials; copper and plastic separation equipment: scrap wire, cable,waste printed circuit board copper clad and leftover material, circuit board drillingpowder, copper plastic pipe copper plastic composite material separation equipment.Other: high voltage electrostatic separation, fly ash decarbonization, plastic and sand separation, tea and tea bar separation of any conductor and non-conductor separation equipment.

Electrostatic separation separate mixed materia by using the differences in electrical high voltage electric field, When material cross the rotating drum belt to the high voltage electric field working by corona electrode effect, would suffer by various power, centrifugal force, gravity reuse. Different materials have different properties,so with different stress state leading different falling trajectory, and thus reach the separation of metal and non-metal.

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Mixed Plastics Separation Equipment

Mixed Plastics Separation Equipment

Mixed Plastics Separation Equipment

The Big Dipper Mixed Plastic Electrostatic Separator, high efficiency, low cost. High efficiency separating ABS/HIPS/ submerged PP, PET/PVC, PC/PMMA, PP/PE, PA/PC mixed plastic crushing grain single sorting accuracy rate can reach over 98%,production 15 tons / day, adapted to the proportion of any component or any confounding broken particles. To the mixed plastics that Density flotation method cant sort ,this machine has been mature and stable, more substantial increase in production capacity of a single machine. We sincere intention to the majority of waste plastic recycling factory promotion -this machine.Welcome to inquire, also you can bring material testing our machine.

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Electromagnetic Feeder Machine

Electromagnetic Feeder Machine

Electromagnetic Feeder Machine

Electromagnetic feeder of the Big Dipper Electrostatic Separation Equipment Factory is a new type of feeding equipment, widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials,chemical industry, electric power, food and other industries,used for the massive, granular sand powdery materials from the storage silo or other storage devices in uniform,continuous or quantitative to the receiving equipment, adapted to the automatic batching, quantitative packing and automatic control with the advantages of small volume, low noise products, light weight, less power consumption, convenient installation and repair etc..

Advantage: During its work,we can adjust the excitation force to change and control the flow,so it is convenient to adjustment, stable flow, low noise, small power consumption, without the phenomenon of red material, at the same time, the machine has the advantages of light weight, small volume, easy maintenance and other characteristics, such as the using of closed structure, preventing the dust from overflowing and the pollution of the environment.

Characteristics: 1, Its electric control system using half wave rectifying electrical appliance, without regulation of feeding materials, can be used for automatic control of the production process, realizating the production process automation.

2, It has no rotating parts, no need of lubrication, with simple structure, repairing convenient .

3, Its using alloy plates made chute, can be used for conveying high temperature, severe wear and corrosive materials etc.

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