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Treated Water Reuse System

  • 1 Set/Sets PICE
  • JHY
  • JHY-ZS-1
  • 200-300 PPM
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Post Date : February 04
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200-300 PPM
Shandong China (Mainland)
10 Set/Sets per Month


Treated printing and dyeing wastewater
plating wastewater
printed circuit board (PCB) plant wastewater.

Application range:

Treated printing and dyeing wastewater, plating wastewater, refuse leachate, and printed circuit board (PCB) plant wastewater.

Reuse Standard:

Influent quality:

Conductance rate:≤10000us/cm

COD: 200-300 PPM

SDI ≤ 6.0

Product water quality:

Meet the health standards of life drinking water (WHO) standard and return into the production crafts.


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RO seawater desalination machine

RO seawater desalination machine

RO seawater desalination machine

RO saltwater desalination plant
Advanced technology
Low energy consumption
Excellent technique
Good after-sale service

RO saltwater desalination plant

Penetration is a physical phenomenon, When two different kinds of saltwater with different salinity are separated by a semi-permeable membrane, you will find that the side of saltwater of low salinity permeates through the membrane to the high salinity side, and the salt contained does not penetrate, in this way both sides finally get equal in salinity, and this process is known as natural infiltration. And Reverse Osmosis is a method driven by pressure by means of semi-permeable membrane that separate the solute and solvent, which in English known as Reverse Osmosis, and is that we normally known as RO.

RO is a new membrane separation technology developed from 60's, that dated back to aerospace technology research in the United States in the 1960s , gradually converted to civilian use. Now RO has been widely used in scientific research, medicine, food, beverages, seawater desalination or other fields. In ultra-pure water for industrial use, such as electronic, electrical ultra-pure water, chemical, electroplating ultra-pure water, boiler feedwater and medical ultra-pure water, RO is often used as the primary treatment before de-ionization or electro-deionization (EDI). Compared to the traditional method using ion exchange resins as pretreatment, RO is more economic and energy-saving, and the operation is more stable and the water quality is more reliable, and can greatly extend the regeneration cycle of the ion exchange resin and the cleaning cycle of electrodeionization ( EDI) .

We can design any project of the water treatment to meet the demands of our clients.

Considering both the quality of the raw water and the desired standard of the treated water, since raw water quality greatly influences pure water treatment technology, to make rational selection for pure water treatment technology and make the processing equipment run stably on a long term basis,customer must provide detailed and full water quality analysis data and relevant conditions before equipment selection. In case that accurate water quality analysis is hard to obtain,at least the following data should be provided:

1.terminal outlet water quality requirement (drinking water or industry water)

2.Raw water source condition ( river/seawater/groundwater)

3.Total dissolved solids (mg/l)

4.Electric conductivity

5.Local voltage and frequency

After receiving your data,our company will provided technical comparision between various treatment technology schemes.

If you have any further questions,please contact with me no hesitate. We look forward to cooperating you in near future.




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Ultra-filtration System

Ultra-filtration System

Ultra-filtration System

Able to efficiently separate the suspended solids,
colloidal material, microbial biomass from water.

Working principle:

Ultrafiltration pressure is the driving force for membrane separation technology, used in the film called hollow fiber membrane, the polymer material is made of special process asymmetric semi-permeable membrane, was hollow-fiber tube, under pressure, small molecules through the membrane into ultrafiltration membrane, macromolecular material ( protein, various, enzymes, nucleic acids, polysaccharides, etc )Colloid, bacteria, and so was retained in the outer membrane become concentrated solution in order to complete the separation of the material, enrichment and reprocessing purification.

Application range:

It applies for drinking mineral water, spring water, industrial ultra-filtration water and pre-treatment of pure water facilities.3

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