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sae1050 steel strip for toe caps

  • 10 Ton/Tons ton
  • Jiangsu China (Mainland)
  • Shanghai
  • any size
  • Cold Rolled
  • Tag:steel strips,steel coils,strip steel
  • Supplier - Haverer Group
  • China (Mainland)China (Mainland)
  • US$10 Million - US$50 Million
  • Manufacturer
  • North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
  • Mr.Jose
  • 86-139-17770296
Post Date : February 05
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Jiangsu China (Mainland)
any size
Cold Rolled
0.08mm - 3mm
toe caps, shoe shanks, spring
10000 Ton/Tons per Month 20000ton
mill finished


HAVERER GROUP proud to produce SAE1050 steel strips
APPLICATION: Toe Caps, shoes shanks, tape measure, spring, heat treatment..

HAVERER GROUP proud to produce steel strips (coils) with carbon content 0.45 - 0.68%
Steel strip coils for heat treatment,
Toe Caps,
Shoe Shanks,
Automotive components,
Tape Measure, etc.

C45, C50 (SAE1050), C60 (SAE1060), 40Mn (ASTM 1039), 40Cr(ASTM 5140),65MN steel coils

For dimension and shape tolerances: EN 10140
For technical conditions: per EN 10132-3

Thickness: 0.03mm - 3.50mm
Width: 4.00mm - 1250mm

Soft annealed,

Slit edge,
Round edge.
Hand safe edge.

Coils and spools on Pallets.

Details of Soft Annealed SAE1050 steel strip coils:
Cold rolled steel strip coils in quality SAE 1050, according to ASTM-A-682-93 and ASTM-A-684-M86, spheroidized structure, annealed (min. 95% of the grains), grain size No. 8 or finer according to ASTM-E-112, hardness 61 - 78 HRB, aiming for maximum 75 HRB, square cut edges No. 3, regular bright finish No. 2 or matte finish 20 - 45 RMS aiming without decarburization (max 1% of the strip thickness per each side).

Related product: heat-resistant steel, wear-resistant steel, kovar, stainless steel strip, stainless steel bar, cold rolled steel strips, etc.

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HAVERER GROUP proud to produce all kinds of Litz Wire in China. Litz wire is a few single enameled wire strands together or brai

HAVERER GROUP proud to produce all kinds of Litz Wire in China.

What is Litz wire (Litz magnet wire)? The word "Litz" is derived from the German word "Litzendraht" meaning woven wire. It refers to wire consisting of a number of individually insulated magnet wires twisted or braided into a uniform pattern, so that each strand tends to take all possible positions in the cross-section of the entire conductor.
HAVERER GROUP produce Litz Wire more than 30 years with its special know-how, from the raw material copper wire to enamelled copper wire to Litz wire, HAVERER GROUP care about the quality of each processing step. Mainly product size as below:
0.03 mm( 48AWG ) x 675 & 4200 strands, Double serving
0.05mm (44AWG) * 5 strands, Double serving, for LED TV & LCD TV.
0.05mm (44AWG) * 50 strands, Double serving, with OXYGEN -FREE copper wire
0.05mm (44AWG) * 1650 strands, Double serving
0.06mm (42AWG) * 5600 strands, Double serving
0.071mm * 5 strands, double serving for metal detector.
0.08mm * 4strands, without serving
0.125mm (36AWG)* 7 & 9 strands, Single serving
0.125mm (36AWG) * 2100 & 2250 strands, NOT Serving for Cable co.
0.125mm (36AWG) * 72 strands, double serving for metal detector
0.100mm * 2700 strands LITZ
0.100mm * 3200 strands, Kapton covering, Rectangular type.
0.200mm * 40 strands, double serving for metal detector
0.210mm * 1558, 2204, 2983, 3810 4773 strands
0.450mm * 531 strands for Plazma power supply etc
Typical applications for Litz wire conductors include high-frequency inductors and transformers, metal detector, motors, relays, inverters, power supplies, DC/DC converters, communications equipment, ultra-sonic equipment, sonar equipment, television equipment, and heat induction equipment.

Specs: Single enameled wire: 0.016mm-1.00mm, number of strands: 2-10000

Related product: ground strapping/flexible connector, fiberglass insulated copper wire, fiberglass insulated aluminum wire, etc.

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aluminium tube coil for freezer

aluminium tube coil for freezer

aluminium tube coil for freezer

HAVERER GROUP produce the aluminum tube coil for freezer, Grade: 1070, 1060, 1050, H112 Size: Application: mainly for freezer

HAVERER GROUP is the professional manufacturer of aluminum tube coil in China, now our mainly customer is Carrier, Samsung, etc. our capacity is 10,000 ton per year. we guarantee the manufacturing time just only 2 weeks.
Grade: 1070,1060, 1050 H112
Application: freezer, etc.

Aluminum tube, it is extruded tube coil, made from aluminium rod, use our special heat treatment, to keep the inside quality best. good for freezer, heat transfer, etc.

Grade: 1050, 1060, 1070, 3003
OD: 4mm - 28mm
WT: 0.5mm - 2.0mm
Coil weight: 35Kg - 350Kg
Form: pancake coil, level wound coil, strangth aluminum tube,

Related product: Aluminum fin, radiator brass tube, radiator brass tube, etc.

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