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DAHAO 18/28 Advanced computer control system series
The advanced computer control system is manufactured based on decades of ex

Dahao Computer Control System:
DAHAO 18/28 Advanced computer control system series
The advanced computer control system is manufactured based on decades of experience of researching on thread trimming machine. They are the first-selected products for clients domestic and abroad because of their reasonable price, practical function, ripe technology and reliable products.
With its unique control mode, the advanced control system can create for you exquisite embroidery according to the mechanical characteristic, material and pattern and achieve the best embroidery effect. Besides, this advanced control system has perfect function and superior performance provide you high quality embroidery.


l Display with figures and icons, more languages support;
l Equipped with excellent communication system, convenient for you to manage the pattern data.
l Automatic computer control mode:
l Automatic mending embroidery: separately do the upper thread breakage and bottom thread breakage detection and separately show. After machine stops due to the thread breakage, users no need shut off the switch, the machine system will mend the embroidery automatically and the mended head has indication (patent).
l Huge memory: Standard memory is up to 2,000,000 stitches and 200 patterns. It can encrypt time limit and support Chinese patterns as well.
l High efficiency: The highest speed is up to 1000 rpm.
l With encrypted software function, making it possible for time-limited control to systematic work.
l Add USB port, you can directly insert U diskette to store pattern, big storage, convenient to carry.
l Adopting real time control on the multi-mission, when machine embroidering, you can complete parameters setting, pattern editing and inserting, greatly improved the productivity.
l Adopting touch screen technology, developing the operation model to a new level, making embroidery machine more humanized; the self-study function provides you simpler and more convenient operation.

l Economical computerized embroidery control system series: BECS-95 and BECS-02/52

Computerized embroidery control system of BECS-95
BECS-95 is the chief product designed according to the convenient operation practicality. And model BECS-95 has been sold over 30000 from being developed, so it has been accepted and loved by the clients. Now, it has become a practical, reliable product with good embroidery effect and high production efficiency by constant improving and deriving.
Computerized embroidery control system of BECS-02/52

BECS-02/52 is a product with non-thread-trimming function, mono/color LCD display and the function of real-time dynamic display of embroidery patterns. It is control system of practical function, easy LCD operation interface, top-grade production and reasonable price.

BECS-09SSeries 09S Single-Head Computerized Embroidery Control System
Brief Introduction
09S Single-Head Computerized Embroidery Control System is a new system based on 32-bit microprocessor (MPU) for meeting the market requirements. All its excellent characteristicscompact structure, high safety and reliability, multi-functions and easy-operation make the 09S control system more suitable for the household small single-head machine.
Application Scope
Applicable to multi-needle, single-head, small, desktop style household embroidery machine.

BECS-16 series control system is our latest product for special embroideryunctions such as multi-sequin and taping embroidery. Besides, it can also be applied to machine models for flat embroidering, automatic frame change and cylinder type quilt embroidering machines. BECS-16 is a large upgrade from BECS-18. Apart from the functions of BECS-18, it has the following additional specialties:
l Faster operation speed
l Use high speed CPU and raise the whole systems speed significantly
Raise the efficiency and quality of embroidering
Frame change can follow the action of color change immediately, which can be adjusted according to the different needle lengths of X and Y directions, so as to improve the products quality.

Upgrade the display and control software by disk
An encoder is no longer needed. Use only a floppy or USB disk to upgrade the display and control software on line, which brings convenience to maintaining.
Memory space
2,000,000 stitches of large memory capability
Design transfer between PC and the controller
Communication with PCs RSR232 to transfer designs without the need of an external control board
Combined special embroidery functions
The controller can be used for flat embroidering, automatic frame change quilt embroidering, multi-sequin and taping embroidering. For taping embroidery, several zigzag embroidery modes (Z1-Z6, pls. read the manual for details) have been added to the former basis, in order to satisfy the customers need.
newly added wireless remote control function
Within the range of 100 to 200 meters, the remote controller can control the embroidery machines point moving, trimming, frame changing, color changing and origin point return functions.
Good compatibility and expansion ability
Except expansion connections, BECS-16 has the same interface with BECS18 and BECS-118. So its able to replace all the 1X8 main boards made by us before. To meet the future needs, BECS-16 adds servo control and 485 communication interfaces for future expansion.

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Mayastar Sequins Computerized Embroidery Machine

Mayastar Sequins Computerized Embroidery Machine

Mayastar Sequins Computerized Embroidery Machine

MAYASTAR Multiple Sequins Embroidery Machine HAVE 4 Size sequins and 6 sizes sequins at maximam,

MAYASTAR Multiple Sequins Embroidery Machine
MAYASTAR Multiple Sequins Embroidery Machine HAVE 4 Size sequins and 6 sizes sequins at maximam, and normal 1 size pokepin sequins embroidery machine, sequins speed can be 600rpm-1000rpm/1100rpm

MAYAstar Sequins Embroidery machine adds function of sequins embroidering based on ordinary embroidering. It can perform both flat embroidery and sequins embroidery on one machine. This kind machine is widely used in embroidering garment (collar, lace, complete clothes and so on), curtain, bedspread, decoration and craft.

We have various sequins deivce for your selection, for example: Normal pokepin sequins device, rollar sequins device, dual sequins device, triple sequins device, and independent sequins device. These devices can satify u different sequins embroidery requirement.

Sequins device features
Pokepin (fork) sequins device have 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6.75mm, and 9mm, all devices and different sizes can be changeable at will. It has 3 options: normal, dual, triple sequins device. It adopts the fork to push the sequins pieces going ahead.

Rollar sequins device have only one size for installation: 3mm, or 4mm, or 5mm, or 6.75mm, and or 9mm for your selection, if you want more sizes, should buy other sizes separately. It has 3 options, too: normal, dual, and triple sequins device. It adopts the wheel to roll the sequins pieces going ahead.
Dual sequins device have 2 size sequins per set. You can freely select any size to be installed.
Triple sequins device have 3 sizes sequins per set. You can freely select any size to be installed.

Sequins-Embroidering speed can be 600rpm1200rpm. Offer more stabilized operation at higher speed. Stable sequin feed brings you vivid embroidery effect.

Applicable to sequins spangles in a diameter from 3mm9mm, no need to change the parts;
The sequins device enables stabilized sequin feed to realize higher quality embroidery.
Adoption of pulse motor drive enables you to change the pitch and feed of sequins by setting on the operation panel and mechanical adjustment. Stably sequins feed, embroidered product is high quality;
Pneumatic auto-lifting systems make it very convenient to change cloth and maintenance. Lifting and lowering sequin device can be performed either automatically or manually to facilitate frame exchange and other work efficiently
Automatically sequins feeding and sequins cutting;
Sequins device can be installed on two sides of every head. Two sequin reels (Double reels) can be mounted to over stitch sequins of the same diameter in two layers.

MAYAstar Series sequins device system
Sequins device have the follow advantages:
It can be mounted on both sides of each head, with attractive appearance and steady quality.
The designs look to have third dimension adopting concave and dimensional sequins embroidery.
Sequins-embroidery speed is 600rpm- 1200rpm (actual speed)
Having the sequins pulling and cutting double function (to be chosen freely)
Having the sequins pulling function, no need cutting knife, which can avoid thread broken, and lighten the main motor loading power, help to operate easily and avoid abrading the other parts to lengthen its using life; greatly improved the precision of sequins embroidering, keeping the sequins device from abnormity, making the design more perfect.
We have developed the follow 5 series sequins device:
1: Triplex sequins device
Through Triplex sequins device, Three different sizes and different color sequins could be sent out in order, which can be overlapping or fold style.
2. Dual sequins device, 3mm-9mm sequins pieces of the same size or different size can be dressed up, and they could be either overlap or fold style.

3. Pokepin sequins device
The length of sequins could be easily replaced from ?3mm to ?9mm, and it has 2 kind designs for yourelection at will: drawing and cutting style. Adopting mechanism-locating technology, our device will bring you high speed and perfect sequins embroidery.

Our poke-pin sequins device has 2 installing style: front install pokepin sequins device and side install pokepin sequins device.
A: Front pokepin sequins device can be installed on the 2 sides of every embroidery machine head, and you can freely select 3mm to 9mm flat sequins piece or concave sequins piece.
B: Side sequins device hold small installing place, easy to be installed. And you can freely select 3mm to 9mm sequins piece.

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Mayastar Single head Cap Embroidery Machine

Mayastar Single head Cap Embroidery Machine

Mayastar Single head Cap Embroidery Machine

single head Cap embroidery machine can be used for normal embroidery, cap embroidery and clothing embroidery

single head Cap embroidery machine can be used for normal embroidery, cap embroidery and clothing embroidery

CTF-SC901/1201 is single head multifunction compact high performance automatic embroidery machine. The machine can be used for normal embroidery, cap embroidery and clothing embroidery. The products perform with high speed, compact structure and high quality, which is very popular with customers home and abroad.

Technical Specifications:
Stitch Area: Normal 450x280mm Tubular Frame: 410*260mm, Wide Cap Frame: 360x75mm
Embroidery Speed: Normal Max Speed 1000rpm; others 250-850rpm
Stitch Length: Binary Scale: 0.1-12.7mm Ternary Scale: 0.1-12.1mm
Motor: A/C Motor x1, Step Motor x2
Power Consumptions:0. 5kw
Power: Single Phase 110V or 220V, 50/60HZ
Measurement: Single Phase 110V or 220V 50/60HZ
710x645x790(LxWxH) without Stand
710x725x1480(LxWxH) with Stand

Automatic color-changing, automatic trimming, redeeming embroidery, thread breakage check and limit function.
Easily changing between normal frame and tubular frame and cap frame.
Automatic retention and off set.
Easy operation for LCD display with converting from Chinese to English each other.
The built-in 3.5 disk drive available for Tajima and Barudan format.
Basic memory capacity of the system is up to 1,000,000 stitches and duplication, performance of petition embroidery, cycling embroidery and bulk embroidery.

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