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2010# New! Eco-friendly Hook / The Hooks/ Wall / Coat Hooks / Picture hooks

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Post Date : February 07
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Guangdong China (Mainland)
Magical Wall Hook
Synthetic Rubber
100000 Piece/Pieces per Week No


Hook / The Hooks

The latest design of pro-environment wall hook on sales!

1. Super freeweight,a small hook can load 5kg commodity.
2. Hyperstable,waterproof,longevity.
3. Optional remove, reusable. (It can be reused more efficiently than others type hook)
4. Elegant appearance.
5. Diversified latest designs,it likes a picture on the wall.

1.Clean the adhesive surface with a clean soft cloth, keep it dry.
2.Tear the protective film.
3.Cling the hook on the wall; extrude the film outward along the hook with thumb. Drain the air out of the film to ensure the film and the wall pasted closely.
4.Pull down the hook with slightly strength, if it is firm, it can hang articles. If you leave the hook 24 hours on the wall,and then hang articles,the effect is the best.

1.To guarantee the weight of the hanging, the film must be applied with firm pressure, which can avoid the tile gap and make the film fully adhere to the wall.
When taking down the hook, lift one corner of the film, and tear the film slowly.
2.Please don’t hang the articles which exceed the loading limit listed on the packaging,it’s better to keep the loading balance with the direction of the pasted wall.
3.Please don’t dangle the mirror, wall clock, glasswork and other valuable or breakable goods;
4.Do not dangle items in sitting or in bed. To avoid danger causes by hook falling off.
5.Do not use the hook on uneven, rough or porous material surfaces, such as painting wall, wallpaper, cob wall, sand wall and flowery tile wall.
6.The hook can be used in smooth surfaces of ceramic tile, glass, refrigerators, paint walls, paint woods,metal etc.

The comparison of different kinds of hooks as follows,
1.The common sucked type hook,which hang weight are limited,when air go into the hook,it will fall off when the time goes,it also will slipping when it meet water.

2.The common mucilage hook,which hang weight is limited,it can load 1.5 kg at most usually,it also can not reusable,it can not remove,it will still glue mark after tearing off.

At present,the latest design of Huazhong series magical wall hook can overcome weaknesses of the above sucked type hook and mucilage hook,no nail, no drilling, avoid complex setup processes, omnivorously,you can stick on the smooth surface where you want.

Easy to take down, reusable, no damage to the original adhesive surface, and you don’t need to change a new adhesive tape, one adhesive tape is equal to several tradition adhesive tape, it’s environmental-friendly and saving money.

100% no mark left, removing easily, no adhesive stain left, you can hang articles after you stick the hook on the wall closely. And the application of gum is firm, not adhere to your hands, the hook won’t drop down.

It’s practical and makes your house more beautiful, feast for your eyes!

kitchen hooks

We offer OEM service, print specified designs,logo and character for customers to promote their brands.

It will have an excellent propaganda effect in advertising, creating corporate image,sales promotion,etc.

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no spill water bottle lid

no spill water bottle lid

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  • 850 pieces/carton.

  • carton-1.jpg

  • The carton size is 59cm*39cm*43cm.

  • 20ft FCL container: 234,600pcs

  • 40ft FCL container: 425,000pcs.

  • 40ft HQ FCL container:544,000pcs.


    ·It is our goal that your satisfaction is 100% complete. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our products please contact us via telephone or email ASAP.

    Our aim is "quality first, reasonable in price and based on honesty".We sincerely make friends with everybody all over the world and welcome your inquires.

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    2010# new! kids room wall hooks

    2010# new! kids room wall hooks

    2010# new! kids room wall hooks

    kids room wall hooks,
    Reusable &Washable,
    Safe and environmentally-friendly.
    various design.

    kids room wall hooks

    Product features:

    1. Totally surpassing traditional pothook, it has no need to nail or drill. Free from complex installation procedures, it will adhere to smooth surface where you want it to be installed only by pasting conveniently.

    2. It is waterproof because it uses brand-new elastic flexible glue. Compressed tightly, it will adhere to the smooth surface tightly. Water and air admission needn't be worried about. So it is better than pothook with paster and double faced adhesive tape. 3. It has superstrong load (Normal load of a small pothook can reach 2kg and 5kg). Its use effect will not be damaged after taking it down and shifting freely.

    4. After it is washed and dried, its pasting character will be recovered immediately.

    5. Easy to take down and reusable, it will not damage the surface to be pasted. There is no need to change for a new adhesive tape. One piece of it equals multiple pieces of others, which is environmentally-friendly and saves money.

    6. Leaving no trace at all, it is convenient for shifting and leaves no defective gum. Tightly pasted, it can hang objects. The gum is firm and will not paste your hands or fall off.

    7. Safe, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, it contains no gluewater and you can use it without worry.

    8. It has exquisite, rich, colorful and various kinds of patterns and various kinds of appearance designs. It can be used in offices, bathrooms, kitchens, saloons, dormitories, stores, etc. It is practical and can beautify home furnishing which is pleasing to eyes!

    9. Our company can accept OEM, print patterns, LOGO and words required by customers and popularize customers' own brands.

    10. Our company can make pothooks of advertising gifts according to customers' requirements. Advertising has good effect of publicity for company image building, sales promotion, etc.


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