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Good quality wastewater treatment

  • US $ 500 - 700 / Set  
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  • Guangdong China (Mainland)
  • guangzhou
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  • wastewater treatment
  • Tag:wastewater treatment,hospital wastewater treatment,petrochemical wastewater treatment
Post Date : February 07
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Guangdong China (Mainland)
wastewater treatment
Compact structrue,low cost
L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
100 Set/Sets per Month


Good quality Wastewater treatment system
2. Automatic operation
3. Easy instellation&mantenance
4. Fast delivery,MOQ:1set

Good quality Wastewater treatment system
2. Automatic operation
3. Easy instellation&mantenance
4. Fast delivery,MOQ:1set


l RO, reverse osmosis, is most advanced, effective, and energy-saving membrane separation technology nowadays.

l Working theory is separating water from other substance through semipermeable membrane under different osmotic pressure.

l Effectively remove the dissolving salt, colloid, microorganism, heat source, organics etc.


l High removal efficiency, good water quality, no pollution.

l Low energy consumption, easy processing and operating.


l Power industry water supply.

For thermalpowerstation Boiler factory, Boiler water supply system.

l Chemical industry water supply.

For cooling process, Chemical and fertilizer production, Cosmetics production water use.

l Electronic industry water supply.

Monocrystalline silicon semiconductor, Integrated circuit block, Picture tubes production water use.

l Pharmaceutical industry water supply.

Infusions, Injections, Pharmacy, Biological products, Sterilizing water and medical treatment water use,.

l Beverage industry water supply.

Drinking purified water, natural water, drinks and beverage production water supply.

l Public use water treatment .

Seawater and brackish water desalination. For building, community, hotel, airport water supply.

Can be installed overground and underground

  • No sludge production
  • No effects to the surroundings
  • Full automatic control and there is no need personnel management
  • Easy operation, convenient maintenance
  • New technology, good effects
  • Long useful life

  • Promises---Best quality,best service,best price!---Long business


    As the good quality of our products, it's almost less than 1% defective rate.We do want long business,not once business! So we will keep the best quality for you!


    There is 1 Year warranty directly from us . If there is any problem with the bulb or ballast, we will replace a new one in the new order.


    More than competitive!


    For small quantity,we will send you goods as soon as we get the payment,never delay!


    T/T,Western Union,Moneygram,paypal


    Best service! Extra service! OEM service!

    The catalogue of shurong Laboratory Equipment Technology Co3332

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    Practical Aluminum+wooden laboratory table

    Practical Aluminum+wooden laboratory table

    Practical Aluminum+wooden laboratory table

    Aluminum+wooden laboratory table
    1.Aluminum+wooden laboratory table
    2.durable,high quality

    Practical Aluminum+wooden laboratory table

    2.Material: Aluminum+wooden
    3.Features:surface Epoxy resin


    1.Technical parameters: External appearance, durable.
    Design of t he internal structure of the hood releases pressure on the explosion. The structure inner and outer contains the electrical equipment for blocking the intrusion of corrosive gases. Surface wind speed is 0.5 ~ 0.8m / s, displacement remained at 25m3/min. Working voltage is AC220V ~ 380V. Technical indicators have reached the United States Ashare110 standards.

    2. Standard size:

    1) The length 1200 * W 800 * H 2350

    2) Long 1500 * W 800 * H 2350

    3) Length 1800 * W 800 * H 2350

    3. The upper and lower cabinets: good-quality, cold-rolled steel
    plate with 1.2mm thick, and Spraying epoxy powder coating,
    acid and alkali.

    4. Side: the lateral high-quality cold rolled steel with 1.2mm
    thick, the inside of the anti-fold special plate.
    Bilateral structures constitute corrosion proof structure;
    outside with window, easy to repair the circuit, gas.

    5. Internal materials: special time deflector heat-resistant,
    resistant to burning cigarettes, and resistance to common
    chemicals. Three different weight of the gas deflector is
    more effective emissions.

    6. countertops: The import of laboratory-specific physical
    and chemical corrosion resistant Trespa Epoxy boards or
    countertops, high temperature, resistant to strong acid base.
    7. Window: 6mm thick safety explosion-proof glass, PVC go slot, push the window up and down one side, sliding with ease,
    can be stopped at any position. The maximum height you can open is 800mm.

    8. Fluorescent: 30W fluorescent lamp two hidden in the panel,
    not directly related to exposure to air toxins inside, which are
    easy to replace.

    9. Internal parts: selection of imported PP sink,
    forming one, can be contained acid and alkali,
    and with PP material falling into the water port,
    to prevent water blocking features, easy to disassemble,
    clean-up. Furthermore, set up with Taiwan leading single port paint, ceramic core, which can be rotated 3600.

    10. Control Panel: Design in the hood out of the board,
    to facilitate the observation and operation and control.
    And set two million instruments outlet.
    The rear of the motor control panel connected devices,
    including leakage circuit breakers and magnetic switches.

    11. Alternative devices: Gas Hancock, motor, reset the trash, duct.

    Handles: Security shell-shape plastic handle

    Reagent racks: Be made up of 1.2mm cold-rolled steel, covered with EPOXY RESIN powder static painting to resist acid and alkali and stand heat. The height can be adjustable according to different requireme


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    stainless steel labware cart of laboratory equipment

    stainless steel labware cart of laboratory equipment

    stainless steel labware cart of laboratory equipment

    stainless steel labware cart of laboratory equipment restaurant food cart
    2.stainless steel cart
    3.two layer cart

    stainless steel labware cart of laboratory equipment restaurant food cart
    2.stainless steel cart
    3.two layer hotel cart
    4.with the use of high quality plated axial, stool surface once molded of FRP , the grounding part is rubber material, good for protecting the ground and avoid the accident vibration during lab experiment.Can match with the fixed foot or moving wheels

    We furnish high-quality lab carts made of 1.0mm 304 stainless steel

    Rugged,multipurposestainless steel cartscan transport up to 295kg.

    Sturdy rubber-cushioned 10.1cm carters provide quiet, smooth movement on any type of flooring.

    Shelves are 20-gauge steel with 5.1cm double-folded edges.

    About Us:

    Shurong lab studio operation in 2004, has been engaged in the construction of laboratory planning and design, laboratory construction for customers to provide professional laboratory building programs. Domestic and international experience in building the laboratory, the laboratory has been committed to building comprehensive solution.

    Shurong Laboratory Systems Engineering Operations, mainly for the production of laboratory equipment, laboratory renovation,cleaning, ventilation systems engineering, systems engineering laboratory gas, waste gas treatment plant, waste water treatment plant. The main products are bench (side units, Central units, Balances units, high-temperature units, instrument units), fume hood (steel and wood structure, all steel, glass and steel structure), medicine cabinet, reagents cabinet, tall cabinet, cylinder cabinets; lab Equipment products: drip rack, reagent racks, laboratory sink, laboratory faucets. Laboratory renovation construction, clean room, sterile room decoration, ventilation systems engineering, laboratory gas supply project, waste gas treatment unit......

    Shurong equipment supplies sales department is mainly engaged in laboratory instruments and laboratory supplies sales.


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