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S2T 6000GPD Reverse Osmosis

  • 1 Piece/Pieces
  • carbon steel coated
  • shanghai or client appointed
  • RO(S2T-6000GPD)
  • Tag:reverse osmosis,water treatment filter,pure water filter
Post Date : February 08
Product Details
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Item specifics

carbon steel coated
shanghai or client appointed
Shaanxi China (Mainland)
10 Piece/Pieces per Month


1.CE certificate and ISO 9001 standard
2.High quality and good performance
3.Easy installing and operating

S2T 6000GPD Reverse Osmosis:

CE certificated

*Standard features
T.F.C.R.O membrane with 99% average salt rejection
Stainless steel pressure vessel
SS centrifugal pump
A3 powder coated frame
5micron sediment prefilter
Product water flow meter
Concentrate water valve
Pressure gauge
Low pressure shut-off switch
Concentrate washing shut-off valve
Pumpexit of regulate valve

*Optional features
FRP pressure vessel
Stainless steel frame
High pressure shut-off switch
PLC control

System specifications

Model *A *B *C *D *E *F *G
S2T-6000GPD 6000 1000 200 4 1x4pcs 50 2.2
S2T-9000GPD 9000 1500 200 6 1x6pcs 50 2.2
S2T-13000GPD 13000 2000 200 8 1x8pcs 55 4
S2T-19000GPD 19000 3000 200 12 2x6pcs 60 4
S2T-25000GPD 25000 4000 200 15 3x5pcs 60 5.5
S2T-31000GPD 31000 5000 200 21 3x7pcs 65 7.5

*A= production GPD
*B=LPH (l/h)
*C=3rd year operating pressure(PSI)
*D=No. of 4" element
*E=No. of membrane per 4" pressure vessel x No. of 4" pressure vessel
*F=designed recovery
*G=driving motor, 50hz/380v

Unit dimensions Weight Shipping Dimensions Weight
Model lxwxh(mm) kg lxwxh(mm) kg
S2T-6000GPD 1500x600x1300 180 1600x700x1400 220
S2T-9000GPD 1500x700x1300 200 1600x800x1400 250
S2T-13000GPD 1500x700x1300 220 1600x800x1400 260
S2T-19000GPD 2600x700x1300 260 2800x800x1400 280
S2T-25000GPD 2800x800x1400 290 3500x900x1500 320
S2T-31000GPD 2800x1000x1400 370 3500x1100x1500 400


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6,Unique fresh water automatic replacement system


1,TDS for the feed water: <2000ppm

2,Treated water capacity:6000GPD

3,Designed Recovery 1 pass&2pass:50%&75%

4,Driving motor:380V /220V 50hz 6.2KW

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