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Ultrasonic Bay Monitoring Sensor

  • 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Guangdong China (Mainland)
  • 0.3~5.0m
  • Position Sensor
  • Tag:ultrasonic bay sensor,bay monitoring sensor,ultrasonic bay monitoring sensor
Post Date : February 09
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Guangdong China (Mainland)
Position Sensor
Ultrasonic Sensor


Ultrasonic Bay Monitoring Sensor
1. High accuracy and reliability
2. Easy to install and maintain
3. Good quality

Ultrasonic Bay Monitoring Sensor

Ultrasonic Bay Monitoring Sensor is designed for parking guidance system, a system that can pinpoint vacant parking spaces and guide drivers to them effortlessly and timely. Ultrasonic sensor is installedd above each parking slot to detect vehicle presence.

1. Detect & indicate real-time parking space occupancy.
2. Report to system control software timely.

3. Control parking space indicator LED lamp.



1. Fast and convenient for saving parking time.
2. Detection to parking spaces effects accurate monitoring.
3. Simple structure convenient for installation and maintenance.
4. Strong ability of anti-interference leads to reliable communications.
5. Low power consumption leads to long-lived service.


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Terminal Remote Control System for Chilled Water System

Terminal Remote Control System for Chilled Water System

Terminal Remote Control System for Chilled Water System

Terminal Remote Control System for chilled water system:
1.remote control
2.time switch
3.prepaid function
4.competitive pr

Working Process

Contects the FCU and motorized valve and real-time monitors their status, submits the data to upper layer and acts according to the indication from upper layer.

Suitable for Office building, Business apartment, Hospital, Hotel and Residence community whose terminal is Fan Coil Unit (FCU).


1.Can be used for BTU Measurement System.

2.Low cost, low construction cost;

3.Electronic system, low effect from outside, long lifetime

4.No effect to the air-conditioning system.

Main Functions:

1. Remotely controls FCU on/off, advance start FCU or postpone power off FCU automatically on the Data Center and no need enter the room;

2. Remotely controls Fan speed

3. Remotely controls temperature adjusted, controlled and locked, manages uniformly

4. Timing switch ON/OFF;

5.Prepaid payment, otherwise stop heat or cooling offer;

6. Realizes BTU Measurement/Metering/Billing (optional);

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Dynamic Information Panel

Dynamic Information Panel

Dynamic Information Panel

AKE Dynamic Information Panel is placed at the entrance of parking garage to display available parking info to guide drivers.

AKE Dynamic Information Panel

Situated at the entrance of the parking area, dynamic information panel displays the information of welcome and the residual unoccupied slots. Situated in the parking area, it displays the slot information and guides the driver to a instant parking. It displays in standard Chinese and digits with the communication mode of RS232 or RS 485 applied singly or in network. What display are either the unoccupied slots of the whole parking area or the amount of the residual slots in each district. The status of the unoccupied slots is available through the management system and vehicle detectors and may be reflected on the dynamic slot instruction display. Based on the dynamic slot instruction display, the driver may get to know the amount of the unoccupied slots and how to get to the parking district with unoccupied slots.

> Different contents are displayed as per the instructions from the computer.
> The content displayed is clear at a glance.

Simple in structure and convenient in installation and maintenance.
Qualified with two communication interfaces of RS485 or RS232.
Enable to display multi-lines Chinese characters or digits.
Long in term of use and small in power consumption.
Reliable in communication and powerful in anti-jamming.

Technical parameters:
Working power supply: 220V
Ambient temperature: -20C~65C
Relative humidity: 10%~80%
Communication distance: Less than 1000m
Transmission speed: 57.6Kbps
Pixels per character: 16 *16 (-Red)
Dimension of each character: 122*122mm
Size: Tailored

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