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Glass Ceramics

  • Tianjing&Huangpu in China
  • 3.34 kj/m2
  • QX-GC02
  • 2.7g/cm3
  • Tag:stone,panel,building material
Post Date : February 09
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Tianjing&Huangpu in China
3.34 kj/m2
Black & White
Electrothermal Ceramics
35 Mpa
4mm - 5mm
Glass Ceramics
Tianjin China (Mainland)
400 Mpa
4000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Week


Glass Ceramics
Glass Ceramics of temperature resistance can be 750 to 800 degree. No Radiation, No side effects to human bodies

Electronic Spaceship Glass does not expand easily. It sustains heat, withstands rapid temperature change and resists to wear and tear. Its surface is smooth and easy to clean with a long life span. It can be utilized as faceplate or panel of various induction cookers. When it is widely used it provides high quality living for general public.

glass ceramic

ESG is made of uniformed crystallization and Lithia. The crystal nucleus can prevent expansion. It also provides chemical stability, resist impact damage, and it is transparent.

glass ceramic

Electronic glass-ceramic is used as faceplate or panel of various electronic furnaces.

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Composite tile-ivory

Composite tile-ivory

Composite tile-ivory

Composite tile-ivory
2)rich in colors,widely applied
3)Strong and condensed

Composite tile-ivory

1. Brief Introduction: The crystallized glass panel also called microcrystal glass is a natural inorganic material, and it is also a kind of new green environment-protecting high-quality building material sintered twice under high temperature in high and new technology. It has the good qualities of flat and clean surface, well-distributed and unanimous tone, clear and elegant vein, mild and glittering luster, beautiful and brilliant color, solid but fine grains, non-water-absorbing and anti-pollution, acid- and alkali-resisting and weathering-proof, green and environment-protecting, and no radioactivity. All these good physical quality is incomparable of the natural stone materials. All kinds of flat plates and cambered plates of different colors could be used in any place such as the inner and outer wall surface, floors, surface of desks and furniture where needs stone material to build or decorate.

2.Environment Friendly: The crystallized glass panel could also be called microcrystal glass, jade spar, or crystal stone. It is a natural inorganic material, and it is also a kind of new green environment-protecting high-quality building material sintered twice under high temperature in high and new tech.

3.Compare with natural stone: It has a good quality it enjoys more physical advantages than the natural stone Under the same high-temperature condition as the granite, The crystallized glass panel is sintered through special technology. Its grain is well-distributed, and its qualities of high density and hardness, compressive property, bending strength, and beating-resisting are better than natural stones. And it can be used for long time and is wear-resisting; it is not easy to be broken; it has no small and broken crackles which are often seen in natural stones.

4.Composition: It has fine grain the plate has a mild and glittering luster The crystallized glass panel both has the special structure of microcrystal and the special substrate structure of glass. Its grain is quite fine and its plate surface is glittering and beautiful. The surface could diffuse and reflect the incident rays to make people feel mild and harmony.

5.Colors: It has rich colors and a wild range of application: the production technology of The crystallized glass panel could make series of rich colors (especially the most welcomed series of crystal white.

1) Also known as crystallized stone
2) Environmental friendly, high quality decorative construction material
3) Strong and condensed
4) Shiny and available in multiple colors
5) Good physical and chemical performances
6) Fadeless, good weather durability
7) Acid and alkali resistance
8) Zero water absorption so as to protect from pollution
9) Non-radioactive, non-toxic
10) Ideal decoration for both interior and exterior walls, flooring, columns and
kinds counter top
11) Adds elegance to all areas used

1. Interior & external wall cladding
2. Flooring
3. Basin, Countertop, Table
4. Kitchen, anytops, round pillar and furniture decoration etc.

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Portoro Artificial Marble

Portoro Artificial Marble

Portoro Artificial Marble

Portoro Artificial Marble
2.environmental protection
3.abrasion resistant

Portoro Artificial Marble

1.Has great advantages of bright color , accurate dimension , fine pressure , strong resist to break , wear resistance , weathering qulity, even colors etc.

2.They have been examined by authorized department of national that radioactive meets the demands of A decoration materials and it also obtain ISO9001 Quality System Certification .

3.Broad decoration for hotels, restaurants shopping malls, airports stations and subways, and are the idea environmental friendly materials for household decoration and the fabrication of artist

4.Surface is a high polymer material. It is of large density, little water absorption, seamless splicing , novel style , smooth luster, strong plasticity, easy scouring, fine sanitation, harmonious face& lining, none-capillary-hole, marble percepti..

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