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Post Date : February 19
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Embroidery Machine
Zhejiang China (Mainland)


1.Overlapped sequin and two different alternated sequin are available
2.It can be fixed on second-hand embroidery machine

1.Sequines in diameter of 3mm to 9mm are available.To sew the different sizes of sequin,you only change the guider.
2.Overlapping sequin and two different alternated sequin can be sewed,which become the design more flamboyant.
3.Maximum speed is 1200rpm
4.70 designs are saved in the computer, and you also can edit the design.
5.Mounted eigher on the front of the head or at the side
6.With specialized design,its precision in feeding sequin,cutting sequin and sewing sequin

7.The material of high quality can lengthen its using life
8.Equinpped with the control system developped by ourselves,it can be assembled on the any embroidery machine,including the old embroidery machine,even Tajima,SWF,ZSK,etc.

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towel device

towel device

towel device

1.It can firmly sew,and it doesn't need binder.
2.It can be installed on the new embroidery machine and old machine

Linear guide used to control movements.Features:the use of the computerized embroidery machine control system,compatible with the work of an independent control unit,do not need to change the operating system and computerized embroidery machine structure,directly mounted on the right side of the original flat embroidered nose hook the bottom line device,stepper motor precision with Move the slider parallel to the staight line and the lever,through the linear guide,cylinder movements,adjusting the relative position of the pendulum rod,placed under pressure with the needle bar take-off and landing legs to form a lock stitch of embroidered towels.
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Cap Embroidery Machine (CT906)

Cap Embroidery Machine (CT906)

Cap Embroidery Machine (CT906)

The machine can embroider T-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, tubular (un-constructed garments), caps, and most fabric

1) Built-in 3.5 disk driver can directly read 'TAJIMA' and 'BARUDAN'
format designs
2) Memory capacity is 500,000 stitches; enabling storage of up to
99 design files
3) Can produce embroidering on T-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts,
tubular (un-constructed garments), caps, and most fabrics
4) Includes the ability to edit, copy, delete and output designs
5) Automatically returns to the suspension point after power failure
6) Scale-limited software is more convenient for cylinder embroidery
7) Monogramming function

Plastic bag, vacuum package
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