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PVC flexible insulated tunnel vent duct

  • china coal
  • China (Mainland),Shandong
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Post Date : April 15
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china coal
China (Mainland),Shandong



-Diameter :4'' - 60'' (100mm - 1500mm)
-Standard Length:5m / 10m
-Thickness:0.3mm - 0.6mm
-Color: Orange and grey

PVC flexible insulated vent duct is made for cool and warm air supply.


1. Material: It is made of PVC fabric

2. It is consist of three layers. Two PVC fabric as the surface and bottom layer, and in the middle there is a layer of insulation.

3. It is supported by spiral steel wire so that the duct can be flexible and will be stay on its own.

4. End with rope for easy connect.

5. Zipper and Velcro connection are available upon requests.

6. Temperature range: -20+80Celsius.

7. Standard size: diameter 100mm-1500mm, standard length 5m/10m. Custom sizes are available.


1. Connect with air conditioning equipment.

2. Used in the aircraft ground air conditioner to exhaust cool air to the cabin.

3. Exhibition center

4. Theatre

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Air Conditioner Parts




Place of Origin:

China (Mainland)

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orange, grey

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