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Post Date : March 18
Membrane Switch Panels Manufacturer
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Nominal size and actual size

A, nominal dimensions: nominal dimensions specified in the standard, is the ideal size of users and producers hope to get, but also the size of the order specified in the contract.

B, actual size: actual size of the production process is obtained, the size is often larger or smaller than the nominal size. This is greater than or less than the nominal size of the phenomenon known as bias.

C, m weight: weight per meter = 0.02466 * thickness * (OD - Wall Thickness)

Deviations and tolerances

A, deviation: in the production process, the actual size is difficult to achieve due to the nominal size requirements, i.e., often greater than or less than the nominal size, so the standard set forth in the actual size and a nominal difference between the allowed size. The difference is called a positive bias is positive, the difference is negative is called a negative bias.
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Oversize or call dimension beyond the standard tolerances. Here's "size" mainly refers to the outside diameter and wall thickness of steel pipe. The size tolerance is usually someone used to call "tolerance outrageous" that the bias and tolerance equate imprecise, it is called, should be called "deviation outrageous." Deviations here may be "positive", it may be "negative" and rarely "positive and negative" deviation outrageous phenomenon in the same batch of steel pipe.

Note: The calculation formula used to calculate the theoretical weight profiles:

m = F * L *

m- quality Kg; F- off area m2 / m; L- length m; - density * Kg / m3

Where: F-off area calculation methods:

1, square steel F = a2

2, pipe F = 3.1416 * $ (D- $) D- Diameter $ - Thickness

3, steel, flat steel F = a * $ a- width
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4. High-quality carbon steel high-pressure boiler seamless pipe (GB5310-2008) is used to manufacture high-pressure and more pressure water tube boiler heating surface with steel, alloy steel and heat-resistant stainless steel seamless steel tubes.

5. fertilizer equipment, high pressure seamless steel pipe (GB6479-2000) is applicable to operating temperature -40 ~ 400 , working pressure of high-quality carbon structural steel and alloy steel 10 ~ 30Ma of chemical equipment and seamless steel pipes.

6. petroleum cracking seamless steel pipe (GB9948-2006) is applicable to the oil refinery furnace tubes, heat exchangers and pipe seamless steel pipe.

7. Geological Drilling Pipe (YB235-70) is for the geological department of the steel core drilling used by applications can be divided into the drill pipe, drill collar, core pipe, casing and precipitation tubes.

8. Diamond core drilling seamless pipe (GB / T3423-82) drill, core rod for diamond core drilling seamless steel pipe casing.

9. oil drilling pipe (YB528-65) is used to thicken the oil drilling within or outside the thick ends of seamless steel tubes. Steel sub-filaments and not two, Threading Pipe Fittings links, no threading methods and tools useful butt joint connection.
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