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NIPPON CHEMI-CON Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

  • NIppon Chemi-Con
  • HongKong
  • KXG/KY/KXJ, etc.
  • 6.3V~450V
  • Tag:Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor,electrolytic capacitor,axial aluminum electrolytic capacitor
Post Date : March 19
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NIppon Chemi-Con
KXG/KY/KXJ, etc.
1000 Piece/Pieces
Through Hole
85C, 105C, 125C
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor


1. Electrolytic Capacitor is for High End of E-Meter
2.Capacitors for Power

NCC Aluninum Electrolytic Capacitor for High End of E-Meter/Power

1. KY Series(105C 4, 000~10, 000h 6.3~100v)
2. KXG/KCJ Series(105C 8, 000~12, 000 160~500V)

Nippon Chemi-Con (Japanese brand) is global top 1 Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor manufacture in the world.

Weilin Tech's subsidiary-E/Cap. Is a professional agent of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors of Nippon Chemi-Con in the fields of Lighting, Electronic Meter, Switching Power Supply, Power, etc for over 10 years.

Since its establishmen, t in 1931, Nippon CHEMI-CON has tackled the development of a variety of electronic components, starting with aluminum electrolytic capacitors. As a supporter of this advanced electronic industry, we are very pleased to have contributed to its development.

The spreading of globalization has brought about a new era to the electronics industry. A new market has opened on the world stage, new values have arisen, and a new race has begun.

By transforming itself even before changes take place and constructing a highly maneuverable and flexible management system, Nippon CHEMI-CON aims to create a corporate entity that is optimized to the times. This is because we believe our first mission is to develop products through observing present trends and envisioning future.

In this century of the environment, there is a demand for environment-conscious products that consider the earth and people. As an era that is full of change, we intend to seize this opportunity by making use of the technical skills we have fostered over the years to bring even greater resolve to developing products that create the trends.

Nippon CHEMI-CON will continue to use the development of small electronic components to address the challenge of creating a bright future.

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SAMWHA Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

SAMWHA Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

SAMWHA Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

1. Electrolytic Capacitor for the Electronic Ballast/CFL
2.Electrolytic Capacitor for E-Meter


1) Electrolytic Capacitor for the Electronic Ballast/CFL

*RH Series(105c 5000h)

*BL Series(105c 8000~10000h)

*BK Series(130c 5000h)
2)Electrolytic Capacitor for E-Meter

*WL Series(105c 5000~10000h 6.3v~100v 0.47uf~15000uf)

*WL Series(105c 2000~5000h 6.3v~450v 0.22uf~15000uf)

*RD Series(105c 1000~2000h 6.3v~450v 2.2uf~22000uf)


Samwha (Korea brand) is a professional Aluminum Electrolytic capacitor manufacturer which with good quality & cometitive price.

Shenzhen E/Cap. Electronics Co., Ltd. (Weilin Hi-Techs subsidiary) been Samwha brand Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor for about 5 years.

During the last half a century, Samwha Capacitor Group has been faithfully performing its role as the Seed Company for the development of Korea electronics industry and has become a global leading company by establishing on-site production and sales subsidiaries in eleven sites in eight nations all over the world.

Samwha Capacitor Group is realizing its another vision which is to go beyond the leading global company and develop as the value-creating company for the humankind and natural environment.

Therefore, Samwha Capacitor Group will not only enrich the substance by differentiated quality management but also will develop innovative technologies and high-profit business models based on
Passion for challengesin order to ensure the value of the future.

We are well aware of the fact that the reason Samwha Capacitor Group has been performing the pivotal role in the domestic electronics industry is because of the continuous support and trust from the client and the stockholders. We are always grateful for your support.

We promise that Samwha Capacitor Group will continue to return your interest and concern by providing the best client satisfaction and value creation.

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PTC Preheating  Thermistor

PTC Preheating Thermistor

PTC Preheating Thermistor

1.Thermistor for Preheating
2. Thermistor used on the Electronics Ballast / CFL

WMZ12A(V) Series PTC Thermistors is for Preheating of the Electronics Ballast / CFL

1.Series :WMZ11A - Old series WMZ12A(V) - New series
2.Curie Temp. :50 - 50C 75 - 75C 85 - 85C 105 - 105C 120 - 120C
3. Max DiameterDmax:A / HV -φ6.5 B / BHV -φ8.5 S -φ4.5 L -φ5.5
4. Rated Zero Power ResistanceRN:102 - 1000Ω,68R - 68Ω
5. Tolerance of Resistance : N - ±30% V - ±25% M - ±20% K - ±10% X - Other Special Tol.
6. Shape of Leads:U - In-formed S - Straight A - Axis-formed I-Inward N - No Leads
7. Leads material :U:Cu (P:Cp )
8. Packing Type :B - Bulk (A - Ammo R - Reel )
9.Leads Length 5:5mm (10:10mm)
10. Coating Material :S-Black Silicone G-Green Silicone
P-PF Resin E-Epoxy N-No Coating
11. Leads Diameter :5-φ0.5 6-φ0.6 8-φ0.8 1-φ1.0
12.Leads Distance :A-2.5 B-5.0 C-7.5 D-10.0

In 2001, WEILIN had been becoming a major supplier of most well known lighting manufacturers in the world since her SZ FACTORY promoted WMZ11A series instead of the former WMZ11 series, and established her GZ FACTORY-ZHONGHAO to resolve ultimately her SZ FACTORY' emergent problems on productivity and cost.
In 2002, WEILIN's headquarters was moved to Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park of China, and the SZ FACTORY was merged with the GZ FACTORY, which made the productivity of the new GZ FACTORY-WEILIN-ZHONGHAO reached 30 million pieces per month. In 2003, WELIN-ZHONGHAO passed the approval of DNV ISO 9001(Rev. 2,000 from Rev.1994). WEILIN-ZHONGHAO WMZ12A series totally were recognized by UL / USA and approved by many famous customers of the relevant application field in China, Europe, USA and Japan etc. To keep consistent with the UL approval and the relevant top international market, WEILIN-ZHONGHAO is promoting her new generation of WMZ12A(V) Series on the base of WMZ11A series, and takes it as a major products for Preheating of the high property electronics ballast / CFL in 2003~2004.

Part No.
Rated Zero Power
RN (Ω)
UB ( VAC )
Max. Permissible Repetitive Turn Over Current
Imax ( mA )
Over Current Withstanding
IB ( mA )
Curie Temperature
TC (C)
DMaxTMaxd ± 0.05
001WMZ12A(V)- 50S68RN68±30%36020030050±
002WMZ12A(V)- 50S101N100±30%400
003WMZ12A(V)- 50S151N150±30%400
004WMZ12A(V)- 50S221N220±30%500
005WMZ12A(V)- 50S331N330±30%500
006WMZ12A(V)- 50S471N470±30%500
007WMZ12A(V)- 50S681N680±30%600
008WMZ12A(V)- 50S102N1,000±30%600
009WMZ12A(V)- 50S152N1,500±30%600140210
010WMZ12A(V)- 50S222N2,200±30%60090135
011WMZ12A(V)- 50S332N3,300±30%6006090
012WMZ12A(V)- 50S472N4,700±30%6004060

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