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Standard Permanent Magnetic Chuck (PMS)

Post Date : November 04
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Product Specifications /Features

suitable for grinding and EDM application.
best for smaller and thinner workpiece

strong magnetic force and less remaining magnetism
coolant and water proof structure
parallelism, flatness and squareness 0.005mm/100mm
Pole pitch: steel 4mm,brass:2mm
Nominal holding force:80N/cm2
Pole plate wearing limit:5mm
Magnetic field height: 8mm

Other model number:PMS1018 PMS1020 PMS1225
PMS1235 PMS1325 PMS1530 PMS1535 PMS1540
PMS1545 PMS2040 PMS2045 PMS2050 PMS2060
PMS2535 PMS2540 PMS2550 PMS2565 PMS3060
PMS3070 PMS3080
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Lifting Magnet

Lifting Magnet

Lifting Magnet

Product Specifications /Features

The most practical, safe and economical way to lift ferrous loads
Realmagnetic's Lifter are a real revolution in magnetic handling of ferrous loads.
Absolute compact dimensions and low weight, great power and total work safety are the qualities, that
make them the best answer with near zero operating costs and quick return on investment for all small and large shops in the industry.
A range of 6 models with lifting capacity from 100 kg to 3000 kg , easy to use and manage,
they give huge advantages in increased efficiency and productivity in a great number of uses even with little handling space and short range hoisting or lifting equipment.
Ideal for handling workpieces in machine tools and oxygen cutting operation, for plates, sheet and iron
blocks in steel structural and naval works, in steel industries and distribution centers, for changing
tooling in production and in general for all the requirements of the modern mechanical workshops.
A single operator can handle the load which is always anchored and lifted from the top without deformation or damage and with optimal use of the available work space, perfect human engineering and full safety for men and equipment.
The load is held only by the power of the permanent magnets with no power supply from the mains.
The lifters of the ultimate generation. Unbeatable features and performance for a great engineering development.
Safe power:High-energy permanent magnets ensure great concentrated and steady power for an indefinite period.The 3times safety factor of the recommended load to the test load ensures optimal working conditionseven with substantial operating air gaps. The high magnetic strenght of the lifter is shown by the lever's strong resistance to activation when load conditions are not perfect.
Concentrated power:The channeling of the flow through the polar area only, i.e. only where it's needed to ensure steady, optimal performance and total lack of magnetic dispersion while avoiding undesired attraction from adjacent loads.
Compact and Sturdy:Test load up to 100 times the weight of the lifter body (LM300). This incredible weight power ratio is provided by the double magnet circuit (rotor and stator) and the revolutionary construction.
model:LM-300B LM-450B LM-600B LM-1000B LM-2000B LM-3000B

Competitive Advantages

Well and High Quality Control ,
Competitive Prices ,
Earth-friendly Products ,
Small Order Acceptable ,
OEM Accepted

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Power Permanent Magnetic Chuck RMM

Power Permanent Magnetic Chuck RMM

Power Permanent Magnetic Chuck RMM

Power round permanent magnetic chuck

For workpieces that are difficult to clamp.
Extremely high holding force combined with
Slim construction

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