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Sodium Bicarbonate Powder1207

  • China (Mainland)
  • Promote Healthy & Growth, Promote Nut...
  • 99.0~100.5%
  • White powder
  • Tag:baking soda,Sodium bicarbonate,sodium bicarbonate feed grade
  • Supplier - CBH Qingdao Co., Ltd.
  • China (Mainland)China (Mainland)
  • US$10 Million - US$50 Million
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China (Mainland)
Promote Healthy & Growth, Promote Nut...
White powder
25kgs bags
Feed Grade Amino Acids, Feed Grade Antibi...


Sodium bicarbonate food /feed grade
Chemical Formula: NaHCO3
Purity: 99.0~100.5%
Both powder and granule available

CBH developed a range of sodium bicarbonate for food and feed purpose.

It is well recognized that sodium bicarbonate plays an important role in animal feeds especially as buffer agent and an alternative source of sodium.

For ruminants, the buffering capability of sodium bicarbonate helps stabilize rumen pH by reducing acid conditions, thus improving the performance, feed intake and dairy cow productivity.

For broilers, sodium bicarbonate could partly replace salt to assist litter control via providing dryer litter and a healthier living environment.

For layers, it could strengthen the eggshell, prolong the shell life of eggs at high temperature, and increase the egg production even in the late laying period.

It is also widely applied in swine, sheep, lamb and beef cattle feeds.

Meanwhile, CBH is also supply food grade sodium bicarbonate as the primary leavening ingredient in bakery industry, e.g. cakes, cookies, pies and biscuits.

The advantages of CBH sodium bicarbonate as below:

  • Both powder and granular available.
  • Good free flowing property without sticky.
  • Low level of heavy metals.
  • ISO certificated quality assurance system.

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Vitamin B2 (Feed Grade)0224

Vitamin B2 (Feed Grade)0224

Vitamin B2 (Feed Grade)0224

Riboflavin(Vitamin B2)
Feed Grade: 80%
We also supply:
Vitamin B2 USP and other feed vitamins.

Riboflavin, known as Vitamin B2, is an important nutrient component for humans and animals to maintain health. It is required by all flavoproteins as being the central component of cofactors FAD and FMN. Whilst, it participate in energy metabolism like other B-complex vitamins, such as the metabolisms of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

We can absorb riboflavin from ordinary diets, on the other side, we also excrete it via urine everyday. So deficiency is common to happen when dietary intake is insufficient. In humans, deficiency will cause uncomfortable in mouth, eye and skins, also can induce iron-deficiency anemia. In animals, riboflavin deficiency results in lack of growth, failure to thrive and eventual death. In this case, it is necessary to supplement riboflavin, especially infant, children, pregnant, patient and the aged. Also riboflavin supplement in feed plays an important role in maintain animals health and growth performance.

CBH is in the position to offer two kinds of Vitamin B2:

  • Vitamin B2 98% BP/USP
  • Vitamin B2 80% Feed Grade


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Vital Wheat Gluten0223

Vital Wheat Gluten0223

Vital Wheat Gluten0223

Protein content: 75%
Perfect viscoelasticity, great water absorption and binding property
Used in bakery, food, petfood, meat

Vital wheat gluten is a natural vegetable protein derived from wheat or wheat flour with the starch removed. It consists of relatively high gluten content and plays as functional protein due to its good water absorption capacity and viscoelasticity of formed dough when hydrated. Thanks to its above characters, it is widely applied in bakery, fast and convenient food, meat replacer, pet food and aquatic feeds.

CBH is in the position to provide premium vital wheat gluten with 75% crude protein and high water absorption rate. We hereby guarantee that our vital wheat gluten is only produced from traditionally grown wheat in China without any foreign materials added in the whole process. Our vital wheat gluten is GMO free and HACCP & ISO certificated.

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