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UV capacitor(The printing industry, electronic industry)

  • US $ 50 - 400 / Piece
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Post Date : March 26
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US $ 50 - 400 / Piece
Shanghai China (Mainland)
L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
30 Piece/Pieces
Through Hole
200 Piece/Pieces per Day
Compensation capacitor
Hight Voltage


compensate for power

Advantage:1. compensate for power
2. balance current.

It is necessary to matching various kinds of lights with its electric apparatus.

Products Capacitor for UV Machine
Specification 1. 15-16 VF (Pressure resistance 2 KV)
2. 18 VF (Pressure resistance 2 KV)
3.15/16 VF ( Pressure resistance 2.5 KV)
4.18 VF (Pressure resistance 3 KV)
5.11 VF/ 12 VF
6. 13 VF
Advantage 1.can be used to compensate for power
2.balance the current
3.It can make the UV light to keep working properly in a stable state

Besides ,we can produce the capacitor according to the customers' requirement .

Our company has established special Accessory Electric Appliance Manufacturing Department to adopt the steel sheet of high-quality silicon to with the rational science design, and to produce the electric apparatus with reliable quality stability.

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High mercury UV curing lamp

High mercury UV curing lamp

High mercury UV curing lamp

High mercury UV curing lamp
2.UV main wave length:250-365nm
3.available standard specification

High mercury UV curing lamp
2.UV main wave length:250-365nm
3.available standard specification

High mercury UV curing lamp

STATE: Mercury lamp are made from the quartz glass tubing imported from German company OSRAM and American GE company. the lamp output UV spectrum is 250-410nm.used UV curing field, such as: UV ink, UV glue, UV painting, UV coating and etc. Industries like: paper glazing, printing circuit board, decoration, wooden floor and flexible packaging , color printing. electrons, glassed , furniture and etc......

UV Lamp available in our store with various size:

1 1kw 230 mm 125mm 25mm 80w/cm220V
2 1kw 300mm 195mm22.5 mm 50w/cm220V
3 1kw 335mm 200mm 22.5mm 50 w/cm220V
4 2kw 400mm 250mm 22.5mm 80w/cm 220V
5 2kw 400mm 310mm 22.5mm 65w/cm220V
6 3kw 360mm 250mm 25mm 120w/cm380V
7 3kw 550mm 430mm 22.5mm70 w/cm 380V
8 3kw 620mm 475mm 22.5mm 65w/cm 380V
9 4kw 664mm 508mm 22.5mm 80w/cm 380V
10 5kw 360mm 250mm 25mm 200w/cm 380V
11 5kw 700mm 600mm 22.5mm 80w/cm 380V
12 5kw 725mm 605mm 22.5mm 80w/cm 380V
13 5kw 775mm 625mm 22.5mm 80w/cm 380V
14 5kw 804mm 653mm 22.5mm 80w/cm 380V
15 5kw 1050mm 930mm 25mm 55w/cm 380V
16 5. 6kw 826mm 705mm 25mm 80w/cm 380V
175.6kw 950mm 830mm 25mm 70w/cm 380V
18 5.6kw1020mm 900mm 25mm 60w/cm 380V
19 6kw 470mm 360mm 25mm 170w/cm 380V
206kw630mm 500mm 25mm 120w/cm 380V
21 8kw 1100mm 980mm 25mm 80w/cm 380V
22 8kw 1200mm 1080mm 25mm 75w/cm 380V
23 8kw 1150mm 1030mm 25mm 80w/cm 380V
24 8kw 1387mm 1230mm 25mm 65w/cm 380V
25 9.6kw1387mm 1230mm 25mm 80w/cm 380V
26 11kw1575mm 1450mm 25mm 80w/cm 380V
27 13kw1800mm 1680mm 25mm 80w/cm 380V

conew_conew_conew_img_1480.jpg conew_conew_img_1466_conew1.jpg conew_conew_img_1468.jpg conew_conew_img_1532.jpg conew_cs101.jpg conew_img_1513.jpg

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UV measuring instrument

UV measuring instrument

UV measuring instrument

It is used to measure UV energy ofdifferent light sources, It is reliable and simple to use

UV-integrator 140

The UV-Integrator 140 is a high quality UV measuring instrument. It is used to measure UV energy

ofdifferent light sources, especially on printing machines. It is ideal to ensure quality control of printing

and drying processes.
Size, heavy duty pass-through Integrator with a diameter of 140 mm. It is reliable and simple to use.

UV-int 140

Technical Data:
Spectral range: UV 250- 410 nm
Measuring range: 0 to 5,000 mW/cm2
Display: 6-digit LCD
Display range: 0 to 999,999 mJ/cm2
Power source: long life 3.6 V Lithium Battery
Power consumption: 100 uA
Battery service life: 10,000 hrs
Dimensions: (140 mm),13 mm)
Weight: approx. (350 grs.)
Temperature range: 0 to 75 Centigrade
Heat protection: Heat shield on back plate
Base Accuracy: +5 %

1400.jpg 14.jpg

While on the conveyer belt, the UV-Integrator 140 can withstand max. 110° Centigrade for up to 10seconds.

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