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Acoustic sound liner for venting

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US $ 0.1 - 1 / Piece
Jiangsu China (Mainland)
1000 Piece/Pieces
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Automotive Vents ,snap-in vents
Electronic Control Units Vents
Protective Vents Acoustic Vents
Adhesive Vents O-Ring

Micro-electro-acoustic dust gauze

Micro-electro-acoustic dust gauze preserve sound quality through acoustically transparent venting materials

  1. Introduction of Micro-electro-acoustic dust gauze
  2. Micro-electro-acoustic electro-acoustic dust gauze is a parts which used in electronic device to protect water and dust and sound transmission .Electro-acoustic vent materials have been widely used in computers, speaker phone, receiver, digital and communications equipment ,car speakers, multimedia speakers and other modern electronic products, extend the service life of such electronic products.
    Active lifestyles and harsh environments demand rugged electronics. This means devices such as mobile phones, computer equipment, and two-way radios must be able to tolerate some abuse. Even daily routines that expose devices to common elements — water, cleaning fluids, dust, and dirt — can damage sensitive acoustic and electrical components.
  3. Protective Vents for acoustics allow these devices to be dust-tight and, in some cases, water-tight. Along with protecting components from the weather, Protective Vents can withstand immersion in water to IP67. It resist a variety of common fluids such as soda, beer, and coffee. Often placed over ports in equipment, the vents are designed to preserve sound quality while creating a barrier from the elements for speakers, microphones, and alerts.
  4. minimal transmission loss due to the acoustically transparent materials
  5. excellent dust and liquid barrier for indoor and outdoor applications
  6. quick venting recovery after liquid immersion
  7. robust adhesives that withstand challenging environments and adhere to different product surfaces
  8. standard and custom designs readily available
  9. low profile that is ideal for devices with limited spaces

10. easy installation through either manual or automated process

11. dust, splash and immersion protection that meets a range of IP standards up to IP68

12. Micro-electro-acoustic vent dust gauze treated with fluorine coating non-woven, and nylon mesh, or ePTFE expanded polytetrafluoroethylene and the integrated of new polymer materials have super performance in anti-water ,dustproof and sound transaction .

Use pressure-sensitive adhesive coating treated with fluorine-containing non-woven, or ePTFE expanded polytetrafluoroethylene and integrated new material after the forming die and improve the assembly efficiency, reduce production costs.
Dust gauze structure and shape can customized according to customer requirements, with a new structure of the ear shape film , it is easy to peel off the adhesive protective paper.

13. Note of installation for Micro-electro-acoustic dust gauze

13.1 Assemble hole should be clean, flash and injection burrs should be removed

13..2 with adhesive in the back ,just take off the anti-stick paper when assemble .

13.3 Be careful of the vent dust gauze when assemble, do not damage the dust gauze

13.4 The vent cover operating temperature range between -40 °C ~ 85 °C, and if the operation temperature is excess the range temperature please take measures to protect it , because the material expansion and contraction of the big changes will affect the vents permeability.

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battery EPTFE pressure vent

battery EPTFE pressure vent

battery EPTFE pressure vent

Super waterproof,
venting in battery

Super waterproof, venting in electromagnetic shielding and electronic control units

1.EMC vent bolt Introduction
EMC vent bolt from Pan-Asian Microvent technology have a special structure for a variety of climate and environment of modern power electronic products. Telecommunications equipments, electromagnetic compatible products which need protection against dust, water, salts and other corrosive liquids .Pan Asian ePTFE membrane combined with copper or stainless steel bolt, in which the ventilation plug in the production line by the quality test before passing to the equipment , this type of ventilation bolt has good electrical conductivity, electromagnetic interference can be generated by the transmission of continuous current to the grounding system of electronic products. Holes in electronic shell play a very good performance in electromagnetic shielding . There are varies models of the product specifications for EMC, users only need to give the standard size , then assemble the vent bolt to the electronic products.

2.Features of EMC vent bolt

Waterproof and dustproof to IP69k ,Contains the microporous ePTFE membrane that is water/oil repellent ,moisture- and vapor-permeable ,chemically inert ,non-shedding ,UV-resistant ,temperature-resistant benefits

Protection against dust, water, salts and other corrosive liquids

Reduced condensation due to vapor-permeable membrane

Reduced stress on enclosure seals through rapid equalization of pressure .jpg

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Automotive lighting vent plug

Automotive lighting vent plug

Automotive lighting vent plug

Reduce condensation,
prevent contamination,
equalize pressure,
gas permeable, oleophobic ,
waterproof ,anti dust

Automotive lighting vent plug

Reduce condensation, prevent contamination, equalize pressure, gas permeable, oleophobic , waterproof ,anti –dust

  1. Brief introduction of the Automotive lighting vent plug
  2. Lamps are exposed to varying climate, road and vehicle conditions that can impact performance. Water spray, humidity, automotive fluids, road debris, dust and dirt can degrade light performance creating aesthetic and safety concerns. Rapid decreases in temperature can cause a decrease in internal pressure, which can draw in contaminants, increase condensation and cause lamp failure.
  3. Pan Asian lighting vents with special construct have been proven use in lighting applications and are more durable than competitive solutions. It is used for head lamps, position-independent design reduces design complexity for faster, most cost-efficient product development .Vents can be placed using either manual or automatic methods. Predictable performance lowers testing costs and reliable performance
  4. Performance in the harsh automotive environment is maintained for the life of the vehicle.
  5. Pan Asian Vent plug protect against the negative effects of pressure differentials caused by temperature changes. With their integrated Membrane, these vents allow an enclosure to equalize pressure quickly when subjected to changes in temperature and pressure. These vents also provide an effective barrier against harsh weather conditions (e.g., rain, snow, high winds), while allowing water vapor to exit quickly and reduce the likelihood of condensation on the lens.
  6. The microporous ePTFE Membrane have the flowing good performance :
  7. Waterproof and dustproof to IP69k ;Water /oil repellent ;moisture- and vapor-permeable ;chemically inert ;non-shedding ;UV-resistant ;temperature-resistant

Pan Asia lighting vents protection rate is rated to IP65, IP67, IP68, IP69 protection class, etc., in line with GB4208-2008/IEC60529: 2001 "Degrees of protection provided by enclosure (Ip code)" protection provided by enclosures (IP code ) standards


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