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regenerative compressed air dryer

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regenerative compressed air dryer
Zhejiang China (Mainland)
1 Set/Sets
3000 Set/Sets per Year
Air Dryer


regenerative compressed air dryer
high efficiency,maximum life
simple installation
lowest operating costs

working principle:

The regenerative compressed air dryer works by taking advantage of the porous characteristic to the deslccant. The moisture in the air absorbed by the deslccant through its caplllary action and then the absorbed water is removed through desorption and temperature-raise by the residual heat generated during the adsorption process. In general,the dryer is in two cylinders and they continuously and alternatively work under program-control. When one cylinder absorbs moisture,the another one is regenerated through desorption of the desiccant.

Product Features
Stable and consistent air output pressure and dew point are ensured through the following arrangements:

  • Reasonable cylinder design: to ensure that the desiccant-compressed air contacting time can meet the requirement for the finished air dew point.

  • A 30% surplus desiccant: available to compensate the loss due to natural ageing so as to keep the dryer running at an optimal state during its anticipated life span.

  • Large-sized diffuser: to ensure that the airflow passes through the desiccant layer evenly, and to eliminate the channel flow completely.

The regeneration air consumption is less than 12%.

  • Excellent barrel design: to save 95% of the absorbed heat. The stored heat is used to elevate the regeneration air temperature, and the equipment efficiency.

  • Reversal convection scheme: to carry out the drying and regeneration process and to achieve an optimal efficiency when the wet air flows through the dried adsorbent desiccant.

  • Regeneration air consumption: can be adjusted according to the desiccant loading demand during the operation.

To achieve a longer desiccant life span.

  • Proper barrel size: to ensure that the optimal flow speed and time are maintained when the air passes through the desiccant layer.

  • Reasonable system configuration: to ensure that the high efficient de-oil treatment has removed the oil and heavy pollutants in the airflow just before the airflow enters the barrel. In this way, the pollution to the desiccant layer is minimized.

The equipment has novel film cutting valve and microcomputer programmable controller, which is advanced, reliable and imported. It features automatic timing, automatic switchover, stable and reliable work performance, free from the influences of power network, voltage and electric field, etc.

Easy installation: with no foundation requirements.

Reasonable time setup: to ensure no air pressure fluctuation resulted at air outlet

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nitrogen generator

nitrogen generator

nitrogen generator

nitrogen generator

The most widely used gas in Industry is Nitrogen. Due to it's inert characteristic Nitrogen gas is effective in preventing oxidation making it a cost-effective preservative. It is widely used in conservation of foods, be they snacks in nitrogen filled bags or industrial rooms for fruits and vegetables.

ERIDAE choosed famours parts from domestic and abroad for the main part of the nitrogen generators.

Using a unique technology of adsorption tower ratio of height to diameter,air spray system , Carbon molecular sieve filled technology and the design of air inlet and outlet. Depend on different request of the nitrogen generator ,we use different carbon molecular sieve to reduce the volume of the adsorption tower to reduce air comsumption,that means to reduce the energy.

Using inported PLC or other working control equipment to adjustment the working state to make the machine have superior working state.easy to operate ,and no need person to manage.this machine have follows control function :adjust the nitrogen flowrate and purity,install Minimum purity alarm and automatic to empity it .This kind of Nitrogen generators have automatism function and can working togather with compressor,refrigerated air dryer.its also have remote cpmtrp;/warning function.

Depend on differen customers different request ,we can offer economic effient reliable machine model.our nitrogen generator can achieve the purity of nitrogen to 99.999%

We use ujnique technology and Molecular sieve technology to reduce the impact to molecular sieve.prolong the machines using time.

In order to maintenance and repair it easy ,we try our best to reduce the quatity of the attachment part when we design it which reduce the failure then to reduce the repair.use standard parts and follow the internation or state standard to produce the nitrigen generators,that make the machine more easy to only need to use it correct,check and repair the consumer part ,the machine will have long service lift and can work stability.

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large modular output refrigerated air dryers

large modular output refrigerated air dryers

large modular output refrigerated air dryers

large refrigerated output modular air dryer
high efficiency
maximum life
simple installation
lowest operating costs

Technical Highlights of large modular output refrigerated air dryers

  • oSelf-contained and fully-enclosed refrigeration system.

  • Fully computerized parameter control equipped with remote communication capability.

  • Module running time is adjusted automatically by the aggregate to keep individual modules to work evenly and in parallel with each other.

  • Automatic adjustment of the individual module timing: to gain an energy saving of over 30%, better than the single unit operation.

  • Upon the customer request, we can provide any combination of modular dryers from 2 to 10.

    Working Principle of Modular Refrigerated Air Dryers

The large refrigerated output modular air dryers are developed and produced to meet the demands for air disposal in large quantity. Up to 10 unit systems can be controlled with 50-100 Nm/min as a unit system.

The most economic operation scheme can be provided based on the actual environment parameters, air parameters and dew point requirements. In this way, flexibility and reliability of the aggregate are raised while the operation expenditure is cut down significantly. This performance can be achieved in two ways as stated below:

1) The number of dryers to be put into service varies with the load variation. This explains why it can cut down energy consumption considerably.

2 )The modular aggregate is a composition of many dryers. So, the equipment can still work properly even if one of the dryers breaks down. This explains why it is much more reliable than the conventional refrigeration dryer.

One master computer plus several modules compose the modular refrigeration dryer. The master computer decides how many modules should be put into operation according to the load variation, such as the dew point temperature and the air inlet/outlet pressure difference. The computer will record the service time of each module, and to make sure the service time of each module is roughly the same.

Better than the conventional refrigerated air dryers, the modular refrigerated air dryers are equipped with electric butterfly valve, warning output, master control input, and dew point temperature-too-high output. All these inputs/outputs are integrated with the master computer to form a modular refrigeration dryer controlling system.

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