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  • Gelatin CAS 9000-70-8
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Post Date : March 27
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Gelatin CAS 9000-70-8



a. 80Bloom-260Bloom are available

b. Good Quality, Reasonable Price.

c. Professional Manufacturer

c.Free Sample

Business Items of Yasin Gelatin

1) Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin: 80Bloom -220Bloom

The Bloom which Customer often Order:

80-120Bloom for Tablets

150Bloom-170Bloom-200Bloom for Soft Capsule

2) Edible Grade Gelatin: 60Bloom-220Bloom

3) Paintball Gelatin: 200Bloom, 220Bloom and 240Bloom

4)Match Head Gelatin: 180Bloom, 300Bloom, 380Bloom and 420Bloom

5)Musical Instrument Gelatin: special Grade which produce only for gluing Musical instrument.

6)Hide Glue: all different grade gelatin as Abrasive and adhesive

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used to hydrolyze the peptide chain formed by the arginie and the hydroxyl group of basic amino-acid.





Trypsin,u/g ≥


Fat,% ≤


Moisture,% ≤


Colony sum,cfu/g ≤


Mold sum, cfu/g ≤


Pathogenic bacteria


Pancreatin is specifically used to hydrolyze the peptide chain formed by the arginie and the hydroxyl group of basic amino-acid.


Our company's various chemical raw material products have stable and reliable quality, most of our products conform to the requirements of FCC, USP and BP,it is mainly sold to pharmacy company and health care company in abroad, like USA, Canada, UK,Brazil,Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, Austria, Australia and so on.

We have absolute advantage, Based on more than 10 years' experience in this industry, we have established perfect manufacturing management system, quality assurance system and sales service system.

If you can order 100kg or above at one time, you can have discount! We will ship our goods to you by sea, you can ask your business partners who is in this industry to order products together to cut down your costs, to maximize your profits! Sea shipping is waiting for you!

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Lysozyme is a glycosidase enzyme, composed by 18 kinds of 129 amino acid residues, with four SS bond, the molecular weight is 14,307; it has specialized role in the microbial cell wall hydrolase; It is commonly found in various tissues of humans and animals,secretion of fluid and certain plants, microorganisms, it can dissolve the cell wall of Gram-positive bacteria and it has strong role in the killing of them; It has a wide range of applications while can be also used in crystalline protein lysozyme preparations to prevent spoilage of food (especially cheese, sake production), medicine (tablets, capsules, eye drops, throat fluid), daily chemicals (toothpaste, cosmetics), baby food (breast milk), and scientific research.

Product Features:
1, As a natural preservative, Lysozyme has many unique advantagesstrong anti-bacterial, safe, good thermal stability, wide role range etc.
2, lysozyme is a protein, is relatively stable as the pH changes, thermal stable under acidic conditions.By using bio-engineering techniques, regulating protein PH value and adsorption isolated by ion exchange resin we can get fine fine enzyme of which enzyme activity can be more than 18 000 u / g while meeting the pharm grade.
3, Lysozyme can dissolve bacterial cells, especially has a stronger role against Gram-positive bacteria while has the nature of antibiotics. it is because it can dissolve the polyose of glycoprotein(mucinoid) membrane wall, it can dissolve chitin and glycol chitin into carbonate, hydrochloride and nitrate crystallization.

Properties: light yellow or white powder

Product specification: food grade or pharmaceutical grade, 20,000 u / mg,

Application areas:
1 is a non-toxic, no side effects of the protein lysozyme, but also a certain degree of bacteriolysis, and therefore can be used as a natural food preservative. Has been widely used in corrosion protection of aquatic products, meat, cakes, sake, wine and beverage; can also be inserted in the milk powder to make milk emulsion in order to curb corruption in the survival of microorganisms in the intestinal, and at the same time, directly or indirectly promote intestinal bifidobacteria proliferation.
2, lysozyme as a present in the normal human body fluids and tissues of non-specific immune factors, with a variety of pharmacological effects, it has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-tumor efficacy of the current medical lysozyme indications for bleeding, hematuria , bloody sputum, and rhinitis.
3, lysozyme destruction of the bacterial cell wall structure, this enzyme treatment G bacterial protoplast, lysozyme is genetic engineering, cell engineering, cell fusion the tools enzyme essential to its operation.

Conditions of Use:
Egg white lysozyme as a typical representative of the lysozyme class, is a stable protein, the optimum pH of it is 4-6.5, the optimum temperature is 35 ° C, the optimum amount of the enzyme must be in accordance with the specific production.

Recommendations: in a cool, dry environment protected from light, storage temperature: below zero.Storage too long or adverse storage conditions, make the activity was significantly lower; such as temperature and humidity is too high, you need to use an appropriate increase in usage.

Aluminum bags, 0.5kg × 10 packets / box; 0.5kg x 20 bags / box

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