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NC Series of Planetary Differential

  • Zhang Chen
  • small diameter
  • high transmission efficiency
  • NC2/3/4/5/6/7/8
  • Tag:Differential,Centrifuge parts,ring gear
  • Supplier - Shangahi Xieling Automation Technology Co.,Ltd
  • China (Mainland)China (Mainland)
  • US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
  • 5 - 10 People
  • Manufacturer
  • North America,South America,Southeast Asia,Africa,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
  • Ms.Jing
  • 86-021-66787558
Post Date : August 07
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Zhang Chen
small diameter
high transmission efficiency
China (Mainland),Shanghai


NC-type planetary differential is used in horizontal and vertical spiral unloading settling centrifuge, it owns the advantages of high carrying capacity, small diameter, compact structure, high transmission efficiency and big difference ratio range etc. It fits perfectly in the greater power, speed and differential speed, special in the centrifuge of high separation factors and large output torque.
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NC-type differential generally use two drives, and input pulley generally have radial unloading device that it can bear greater radial force.
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Precision hardened gear and internal gear, advanced design and manufacturing process are coordinating with advanced processing equipment, the major parts have passed the balancing test that can meet the performance of the centrifuge under the high speed and small vibration frequency.
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When NC-type differential is debugged, it should allow both ends of the outer cover to fix by balancing correction. After deduplication, corresponding mark should be signed on both ends of the cover and the corresponding position on the internal gear so that it can be disassembled again.

Type Maximum torque (min) Maximum speed (r/min) Suitable centrifuge model Speed ratio
CN2 1500 6000 LW250,LW200 29.5.91
CN3 2500 5000 LW350,LW300
CN4 6000 3500 LW430,LW450
CN5 12000 3000 LW520,LW560
CN6 20000 2500 LW630,LW750
CN7 50000 2000 LW1000 38.91

Ordering notice:
Please provide type, transmission ratio, and pulley parameters when you order the NC series products.
NC series products have two lubrication methods:
1. Input pulley unloading device has been added 3 # lithium base grease before they go out the factory, and grease can be injected after three months used. When too much grease injected, they may squeeze out from a crack in the pulley and the input cover after the initial operation, but it will not impact use.
2. Differential host uses thin oil lubrication and do not inject grease when leave the factory. So, it must be injected N220 extreme pressure gear oil (for winter) or N320 extreme pressure gear oil (for summer), or other lubricating oil has the same properties. The amount is 80% of the volume, or max after unbolt with the oil filling port 30 degrees from the highest point of vertical deflection. The oil should be changed after first 300 hours usage. Meanwhile, the residual oil should be removed completely during changing. After the first oil change, it needs to change the oil per every use of 1000 ~ 1500 hours (according to the working condition).
3. It is strictly prohibited running under the conditions of oil shortage.
We also can make non-standard design according to customer’s requirements.

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BC Series Cycloid Differential

BC Series Cycloid Differential

BC Series Cycloid Differential

Differential is one of the important parts for horizontal and vertical spiral unloading settling centrifuge, it makes the host achieve material separation and push through differential transmission. Differential performance always determines the performance of the centrifuge

BC series cycloid differential is design for the centrifuge industry specializing in the production of manufacturing cycloid differential mechanism;it is supporting the use of LWL series of AnchorAnchorHorizontal spiral unloading settling centrifuge and Horizontal spiral unloading filtering centrifuge.

Type Maximum allowable torque (N-m) Max speed (r/min) Motor power (kw) Suitable centrifuge model
BC18L 500 3000~3500 7.5~11 LWL300,LWL350
BC22L 1000 2300 15~22 LWL450
BC27L 2000 2000 22~30 LWL560
BC33L 4500 1800 30~37 LWL630
BC15A 250 4800 7.5~11 LW220
BC18B 500 4800 11~15 LW220,LW300
BC22B 1000 3700 15~22 LW300,LW350
BC27B 2000 2800~3200 18.5~22
BC33B 4500 2500 30~45 LW530
BC39B 7100 2200 37~55 LW650
  • The suitable centrifuge model is only for reference, the unit should be selected according to actual use of the industry and the operation of the centrifuge.
  • This series can provide ratio of differential ratio with 11, 17, 23, 29, 35, 43, 59, 71, and 87.
  • BC39B is under development.

AnchorOrdering notice:
Please provide type, speed ratio, and lubrication method when ordering.
BC series divided into thin oil lubrication and oil lubrication. If use the grease lubrication, then the products have complete oil before they go out (No. 3 lithium grease). But, it should be injected the same grease again until complete after the machine installation and debugging,
We suggest selecting the standard products to ensure the delivery term and sparing parts supplying. Meanwhile, we can also design all types of differential according to customer’s requirements.


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Horizontal Spiral Unloading Filtering Centrifuge

Horizontal Spiral Unloading Filtering Centrifuge

Horizontal Spiral Unloading Filtering Centrifuge

Horizontal Spiral Unloading Filtering Centrifuge is used for separating suspensions upon the filtration concept. For the suspended solid particles in the size range of 0.1~9mm, the centrifuge is able to perform solid-liquid separation or dewatering effectively, and provide washing function. The centrifuge is characterized by continuous operation, automatic discharge, high dewatering rate of solid phase, compact construction, high separation efficiency, convenient manipulation and maintenance, and occupying less space. With the centrifuge, the cost involved in the heat drying of the solid phase will be eliminated. The parts that are susceptive to wear off have been protected with wear resistance materials. So the centrifuge is extensively suitable for solid-liquid separation and dewatering in industries such as chemical engineering, foods, synthetic fibers, mineral metallurgy, pharmaceuticals and light industry.

NOTE:The practical production capacity is related with the nature of feedstock and separation requirements.

Main technical parameters:

Model Diameter of the bowl(mm) Maximum speed(r/min) Separation factor(xg) Productivity(m3/h) Motor power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimensions(L*W*H mm)
LWL300×200 300 3500 2060 0.5~3 7.5 700 900*1100*850
LWL350×280 350 3000 1760 1~6 11 850 1000*1200*950
LWL450×300 450 2300 1330 3~10 15 1100 1150*1500*1150
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