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Tube Sterilizer

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Post Date : April 02
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China (Mainland),Shandong


Specifications: Provide according to customer’s demand, viscosity range is wide, a great range of viscosities, PH value in use environment is from 1 to 14, you can choose automatic or semi-automatic computer-controlled equipment with LCD touch screen operation.

Introduction: The master of this unit is tube high-temperature sterilization machine, The unit shows many advantages, compact structure, satisfactory sterilizing effect, easy to operate, widely used , low cost and so on. We can supply UHT sterilization system separately according to customer’s need, including tube sterilization machine, preheating tank, insulation tank etc. The system has a connection with homogenizer, pasteurization function and prevents the formation of milk stone. We can supply total sterilization system, including UHT sterilization system and flash degassing system.

It is the ideal equipment for ultra-high-temperature liquid treatment. Applying the tube heat exchangers for indirect heating of the product, its technical performance is similar with imported advanced equipment. It is suitable for products such as: milk, tomato sauce, juice, coffee drinks, ice cream, beverages and other liquid materials to sterilize by ultra high temperature or pasteurization, it can also be used for large and liquid containing fibers and granule high viscosity. Material through the processing by tube sterilization machine, material can achieve sterilization and cooling. It can furthest keep original color and nutrients of dairy, beverage.

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