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PIR/polyisocyanurate foam/PIR insulation

  • USD 200 - 500 / Cubic Meter  
  • 10 Cubic Meter/Cubic Meters
  • dehe
  • 220Kpa
  • 0.020 w/m.k
  • Other Heat Insulation Materials
  • Tag:PIR tube, PIR insulation,PIR price
Post Date : April 08
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0.020 w/m.k
Other Heat Insulation Materials
China (Mainland),Zhejiang
45 kg/m³


PIR gather different cyanuric acid ester foam, also translated into poly melamine urea acid ester foam. Is by the polymerization of isocyanate (lsocyanate) and poly (x polyols (polyol) as the main raw material, plus catalysts, flame retardants and environment-friendly foaming agent. The special formula and strict process under the condition of fully mixing, reaction.

Product Features

1,Fire resistance rated as B1;

2,Operating temperature range-196°C-120°C;

3,Excellent dimension stability;

4,Can be cut in panels and pipes according to customer requirement.

5.used with foam glass to get a better insulation

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roof walll insulation foam glass/cellular glass

roof walll insulation foam glass/cellular glass

roof walll insulation foam glass/cellular glass

Product Introduction

Cellular glass is a new inorganic thermal insulating material with a structure of separate closed cells. The composition is glass added with foaming agent. It' s foamed by high temperature in foaming furnace, and then cooled down in cooling oven. It well reserves the chemical stability of inorganic glass. As a result it has the following features: low density low thermal conductivity, vapor impermeability, no water absorption, in combustibility, protection from mould and rat eating, high mechanical strength but easy to process and able to bear all kinds of chemical erosions except the hydrofluoric acid.

Cellular glass, nontoxic in itself, has stable chemical properties and good thermal insulating performance protecting from deteriorating at a wide temperature range from cryogenic temperature to high temperature. At the same time, it can protect from humidity, fire and erosion. It is praised as "permanent thermal insulating material with no need of renewal", because it is not 0nly safe but also durable in rigor conditions of low and cryogenic temperature, underground, open air flammability moisture sensitivity and even chemical erosion. Consequently, it is widely applied in permanent projects as heat and cold insulating material, such as in the industries of petroleum, chemical engineering, refrigerated warehouse, underground project, shipbuilding, nuclear, national defense and war industry

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ASTM foam glass/cellular glass block

ASTM foam glass/cellular glass block

ASTM foam glass/cellular glass block

Product Features

It is a cold insulation material with a wide range of working temperature from deep cold to thermal state. It is aging resistant,fire retardant and vibration resistant,which makes it an ideal protection in deep cold,underground,explosive,humid and corrosive environment.And because it is safe and reliable,it is called permanent insulation material.
It is widely used in petroleum industry,chemical industry,underground construction,shipbuilding and defense works.

1,Wide working temperature range from low temperature to high temperature;

2,Low thermal conductivity and high compressive strength;

3,Water proof,humid resistant,air tightness;

4,Low thermal expansion,good dimension stability;

5,Not combustible,aging resistant,corrosion resistant;

6,Non-toxic,healthy and environmentally friendly;

7,Bacteria resistant.

Product Features

1,Density of small, low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength;

2,Non absorbent, breathable, anti leakage;

3,Small thermal expansion coefficient, dimensional stability, not deformation, not to crack ;

4,Fire, not combustion, corrosion resistance;

5,Not moldy, not by the rat sneer, pest control and microbial;

6,Applicable to all kinds of high temperature, constant temperature, constant humidity, cryogenic, harsh environment;

7,Easy cutting, easy processing, convenient construction;

8,Inorganic products, not aging, performance does not decline, the service life and building synchronous;

9,Recycling waste, non-toxic harmless, safety and environmental protection

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