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Silage Cutter (Silage loader)

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Post Date : April 17
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China (Mainland),Henan


Silage loader ( The necessary machinery for dairy farm) products and technology is an international leader in silage reclaimer is widely used in China's dairy industry and the user.
(1) For a variety of specifications silo.
(2) Self-propelled design for easy field operation.
(3) Reduce labor, labor time, reduce labor intensity.
(4) Electric drive, significantly reducing the cost of reclaiming.
(5) Improve silage quality, prevent secondary fermentation, reducing the incidence of cows.
Product advantages
(1) Mechanized operations, efficient, standardized, save labor, reduce the cost of reclaiming.
(2) Reduction caused by irregular manner silage reclaiming waste, improve feed utilization.
(3) Reclaimer section neat tight silage reduce nutrient loss.
(4) Improve silage quality, prevent secondary fermentation, reducing the incidence of cows.
(5) Reclaimer transport process, making silage sufficiently stirred more uniform distribution of nutrients.
(6) Self-propelled design, electrical, hydraulic drive, easy operation.
(7) Product applicability, suitable for all kinds of silos and silage varieties.
(8) High-power, high-speed design, reclaiming not only fast, but at the same time reclaiming equivalent to adding an additional crushing and mixing function.
(9) Reclaimer head power reaches 11KW, speed up to 220RPM, creating the industry's best.
Equipment Introduction
(1) Silage Reclaimer for cattle or cattle cell loading silage silage pit to take.
(2) There are two silage reclaimer motors, respectively, provide the impetus for the following four parts: reclaimer drum, hydraulic power source, power transmission chain, power walking machines.
(3) Silage reclaimers have a group assignment valve.
(4) Silage Reclaimer hydraulic system pressure up to 16Mpa, there are four tires support, no damping system. Rear of the machine for the steering axle, controlled by the hydraulic system.
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1.The refrigeration system: Increase the refrigeration unit, evaporator system configuration, improve the cooling speed. Automatic control of material temperature above 0°C to ensure that no icing.

2.The vacuum system device (patented technology): Design vacuum device (shown at right), automatically turn on after power vacuum, reducing the formation of condensation water, to ensure the quality of raw materials.
3.The electronic metering device (patented technology): electronic measurement instantly displays the weight of added ingredients, measurement accuracy of less than 0.1%.
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milk truck

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Our company is the only use of air suspension technology manufacturing milk transport semi-trailerenterprises, but also has 40 tons of fresh milk transport semi-trailer special announcement of the enterprise.Products strict implementation of national standards higher than the force of European enterprise standards,and by the Ministry of agriculture of agricultural machinery testing center of identification, to ensure that theproducts of high quality, high safety factory, using the user more safe, economy of the product. The products are widely used in the new hope dairy, Chongqing Tianyou dairy, Heilongjiang Wandashan Dairy,Shanghai Bright Dairy, Yili dairy, Mengniu Dairy, Bright Dairy, three yuan, Shenyang Huishan, Beijing,Ningxia nine nine in the dairy industry and transportation company (for the Ningxia Mongolian cow, Ely,Chongqing Tianyou three dairy milk) and other users of transport contract.

(7) tank insulation layer adopts vacuum foaming polyurethane (vacuum) process, the heat insulation effect is good, full 12 hours under the normal atmospheric temperature temperature rise of not more than 2 DEG C.Also can be customized to meet the needs of different customer requirements, thermal insulation. (8) the trailer with disc brakes, ABS control system. (9) the requirements of vehicle technology with GB1589 threeaxle vehicle standards, and provide the vehicle door all formalities. The chassis of the vehicle through the national mandatory product certification through the 3C;

The tank features:

(1) the air suspension bridge semi trailer chassis, the chassis is effective to reduce the weight of 2.8 tons, to make the vehicle run more efficient, more economical in the same load; and the use of air suspension bridgethe car running more stable.

(2) the milk vehicle into the milk, milk with rows of electrically controlled pneumatic valve technology, can be automatically finished in the cab, the operation is more convenient, more secure.

(3) the manhole cover uses the mechanical seal, and the sealing rubber ring, reduce pollution, to avoid the winter freeze and eliminating the need for a manhole cover, apron wearing parts.

(4) thicker insulation, thermal insulation material with polyurethane foam 100mm, to ensure milk over long distances smaller temperature rise.

(5) in the tank with conical head cut off the head, impact resistant ability, effectively extending the service life of the tank.

(6) the tank off the sides are of big arc transition, to ensure that no cleaning dead corner in the tank. The milk truck tank head using arc radius is 30mm special mold molding, the use of "inner partition weldingprocessing head back to back", both big arc transition, to ensure that no cleaning dead corner in the tank,easy to clean.

Certification, in line with the relevant provisions of the motor vehicle license.

Milk car technical parameters:

[semi-trailer chassis parameters (air suspension airbags)]

Semi trailer chassis adopts semi trailer dimensions: 12000 x 2500 x 4000 (mm), air suspension bridge, disc brake, the vehicle with parameter and configuration (see the announcement of technology parameter table).The requirement of the vehicle technology with GB1589 three axle vehicle standards, and provide the vehicledoor all formalities. The chassis through the national mandatory product certification; the vehicle through the 3C certification, in line with the relevant provisions of the motor vehicle license. Effective tank volume 39.6 cubic meters; heat preservation tank tank dimensions: length 11600mm, diameter 2350mm, length11000mm, diameter of inner tank, 2150mm, the operation box space length 400mm, transport medium:milk, density: 820 kg / m3, optional air suspension, the vehicle should be installed in the side and rear body

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