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Liliaceous Vegetabless


Breed: yellow onion, red onion

Product Place: China
Safety Grade: Green agriculture
Specification: yellow 6-8cm, red 7-10cm , or according to customer's request.
Onion hypertrophy, skin luster with close organization, after storage shall not be soft, fleshy scales, spicy and sweet taste with rich nutrition

Nutrient content:
Each l00g contains 163kJ, 89.2g moisture, protein 1.1g, fat 0.2g, dietary fiber 0.9g, carbohydrate 8.1g, carotene 20 μ g, 3 μ g retinol, thiamine 0.03mg, riboflavin 0.03mg, nicotinic acid 0.3mg; vitamin C 8mg, vitamin E0.14mg; potassium 147mg, sodium 4.4mg, calcium 24mg, magnesium 15mg 0.6mg, iron, manganese 0.14mg, zinc 0.23mg, phosphate39mg, selenium 0.92pg. It contains a element can promote blood coagulation components -- adenosi

Onions have divergent wind chill effect; Can stimulate the stomach, intestines and digestive gland secretion, increase appetite, promote digestion; A drop in blood pressure blood sugar, prevent thrombosis; Refreshing effect to a certain extent, contain a name is phlogistic PiHuang element "oak" 9 substance, this is one of the most effective natural anti-cancer substances known to date; Contains trace elements selenium is a strong antioxidant, can eliminate free radicals in the body, enhance the cell activity and metabolism ability, has the anti-cancer anti-aging effect; Can increase bone density, conduce to prevention and treatment of osteoporosis; Such as garlic contains phytoncide etc., and have very strong sterilization ability. Chewing raw onion can prevent colds.

Xinxiang Tongrenxiang Industrial Co., Ltd is located in the biggest onion planting area in China. We have cooperated with many onion planting cooperatives and developed a complete onion industry chain through the scientific management from seeding, planting, purchase and storage. Our onions are popular all over the world with features including big size, bright color, tight after storage, neat flakes, thick pungent and sweet taste with rich nutrients, etc. “Tongrenxiang” onion has become a symbolic brand, well sold to 16 countries and regions including Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. We also set up long-term strategic partnerships with globally-influenced onion dealers. We warmly and honestly welcome dealers at home and abroad to visit us for business cooperation.

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Hawthorn Vinegar

Hawthorn Vinegar

Hawthorn Vinegar

Hawthorn Vinegar

Product Name: Hawthorn Vinegar
Grade: High
Content: hawthorn juice, hawthorn vinegar, xylitol, citric acid, vitamin C, Acesulfame-K, water
Juice Content: ≧38%
Net content: 375ml
Package: carton, glass bottle
Country of Origin: Huixian city in Henan province, Originated in Taihang foothill ecological planting and processing base

Main function
1, There is an ancient saying that less salt and more vinegar, the path to longevity.
2, Hawthorn could improve metabolism, regulate PH level as well as relieving tiredness. Fruit vinegar contains over 10 types of organic acid and multi-amino acids the human body needs. Besides, the Ka, Zn in hawthorn vinegar could transfer into alkaline material after metabolism, preventing blood acidic, thus regulating PH level.
3, Hawthorn vinegar could eliminate tiredness. After long time working and vigorous activity, human body will produce large lactic acid, which could make people feel tired. If increasing the hawthorn vinegar supply at this time, the body metabolism could be quickly recovered.
4, Hawthorn vinegar could lower cholesterol. The study confirmed that the cardiovascular-disease patients could reduce cholesterol by average 9.5%, neutral fat by 11.3% as well as lowering blood viscosity by consuming 20mg hawthorn vinegar per day for 6 months.
5, Hawthorn could promote blood circulation, lower blood pressure. Hawthorn vinegar can also expand blood vessels, increase coronary blood circulation. Triterpenoids and flavone lowering blood pressure has curing effect on various diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cerebral thrombosis and arteriosclerosis, etc.
6, Hawthorn vinegar could improve digestion, anti-alcohol, protect liver, and improve immunity, as well as anti-cancer. The acid material in hawthorn vinegar could dissolve the nutrients in food, improve the intake of nutrients such as Ca and P. The Nonvolatile Organic Acids and amino acid could stimulate the appetite center in brain, improve the secretion of digestive juice, thus increasing the gastric fluid concentration, produce saliva and slake thirst, improve digestion and appetite. Clinic reported that drinking hawthorn vinegar after dinner could accelerate the alcohol metabolism, thus hawthorn has anti-alcohol functions. “Compendium of Materia Medica” said vinegar could remove blood congestion, cure choleplania, improve appetite and nourish liver. Regular consuming vinegar and brown sugar could cure liver disease.
7, Hawthorn vinegar has the function of anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation and preventing influenza.
8, Hawthorn vinegar could also develop intelligence. The volatile substance and amino acid could stimulate brain never center to develop brain development. Medical study discovered that the PH level in brain is related to the IQ. Children with alkaline material in brain have higher IQ than those with acid materials.
9, Hawthorn vinegar has functions including skincare, anti-aging and loosing weight. It is proved that regular consumption of hawthorn vinegar could make skin smooth and delicate, reduce wrinkle, moisten appearance and whiten. Long-term consumption could help human lose weight.

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Hawthorn juice

Hawthorn juice

Hawthorn juice

Hawthorn juice

Product name: Hawthorn juice
Grade: High
Taste: Sour and sweet and tasty
Main Content: hawthorn juice, citric acid, water, xylitol
Package: glass bottle, paper box, plastic bottle
Country of Origin: Huixian city of Henan province, Taihang foothill ecological planting and processing base

Main function:
1, Hawthorn juice contains lipase, can promote fat digestion, and can increase the secretion of stomach digestive enzyme, promote digest.
2, Hawthorn juice contains triterpenoid acid improving the coronary circulation, achieve the function of heart strengthen.
3, Hawthorn juice extracts and alcohol extract can significantly reduce total cholesterol levels in serum.
4, Hawthorn juice extract has the function of clearance O / 2 free radicals, inhibit liver lipid peroxidation, reducing transparent qualitative acid depolymerization.
5, Enhance immune function
6, Hawthorn juice has strong antibacterial activity against Shigella dysenteriae, Shigella flexneri Shigella sonnei, etc.

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