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Post Date : April 28
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MOQ - 2376 - 10L bottles ( 1 truck )

For questions email or call us.

Price is based on take all.

Pieces: on order

Price: Negotiable

For regular customers other possibilities can be discussed.

Price is/can by sensitive to exchange rate

Prices is subject to change

contact us with your if interested in thsi product and we shall accommodate your request. Please endeavour to leave your email address and contact phone number to ease communication with you. We shall also appreciate if you can specify to us the what you want such as the qunatities and when you want order to be ship

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JACOBS CLASSIC 3 in 1 + Tropping

JACOBS CLASSIC 3 in 1 + Tropping

JACOBS CLASSIC 3 in 1 + Tropping

Jacobs Classic 3in1 + Topping

+ Topping= plus creamer additives on the right side of the bags were perforated and detachable!

Availability: 33 pallets (33 pallets * 10500 bags = 346.500 bags)

1 pallets: 105 cartons (10500 bags)
1 carton: 10 boxes
1 box: 10 bags
1 bag: 0,017gr

Kinds: Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel
Language: Ro, Srb, Hrv, Slo (It's just the 4 languages No English and German!)
Shelf life: 08.11.2016.
EXW: Budapest, Hungary

Price: netto contact us for price /box (10 bags * 0,017gr)

We have the best quality product and we are given them out at competaive price. Don't miss this opportunity and good business deal.

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Aptamil Infant baby milk powder ( stage 1 -3
We sell 1 tin of 800gram CIF price.
1 box carton which is load 4 tin
1 Plate 270 Carton
1 Container 20 ft = 270 Carton x 4 tin 800 gr x 18 pallets = 4.860 Carton x 4 = 19.440 Tins
Packaging : as Buyer requested 400g, 800gr, 850gr , 450gr,900gr
Delivery time : Within 15 Days after pre payment of 30%

Holle milk powder

Holle bio-kindermilch 1= 600g

Holle bio-kindermilch 2= 600g

Holle bio-kindermilch 3= 600g

Holle bio-kindermilch 4= 600g

Cow & Gate Milk Powder

Cow and Gate first infant milk from newborn stage 1= 900g

Cow and Gate hungrier babies from newborn stage 2= 900g

Cow & Gate follow-on milk stage 3= 900g

Cow & Gate growing up milk for toddlers 1yr+= 900g

Cow & Gate growing up milk 2yr+= 800g

Hipp Milk Powder

Hipp organic first infant milk powder stage 1= 800g

Hipp organic hungry infant milk powder stage 2= 800g

Hipp organic follow on milk powder stage 3= 800g

Hipp organic growing up milk powder stage 4= 600g

Hipp organic first infant milk powder starter= 800g

Nutrilon Milk Powder

Nutrilon standard 1(geschikt vanaf de geboorte)= 850g

Nutrilon standaard 2 met pronutra(opvolgmelk)= 850g

Nutrilon standaard 3 met pronutra(opvolgmelk)= 850g

Nutrilon standaard 4(dreumesmelk met pronutra)= 800g

Nutrilon standaard 5(peutermelk)= 800g

Nutrilon pepti h.a. 1= 800g

Nutrilon pepti h.a. 2= 800g

Friso milk powder

Friso 1 (800 gram)

Friso 2 (800 gram)

Friso 3 (700 gram)

Friso 4 (700 gram)

Friso 5 (700 gram)

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