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filter wire mesh

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wire mesh filter
filter cloth


Stainless steel wire mesh is a kind of the optimal level of 304, 304, 316 l, 316 l stainless steel wire SUS302, and other raw materials woven a wire mesh deep processing products.

Weaving: plain weave, oblique, plain/twill mat type dense weave.

Mesh: 1-2800 mesh.

Material: SUS302, 201, 304, 304, 316, 316 l, 316 l, 310 s, etc.

Stainless steel wire mesh weaving methods are: tabby, twill, dense weaving way. Due to the characteristics of stainless steel material, the processing of stainless steel wire mesh has high wear resistance strength, long service life, the structure of the mesh precise and unified, not curly, easy to use, screen mesh uniform thickness, antistatic, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, the product with acid, alkali resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance and other performance characteristics, therefore, in recent years, stainless steel wire mesh is widely used in coal mine, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries as mine screen mesh.

Use: stainless steel woven wire mesh is mainly used in acid, alkali environment conditions screening and filter. Mainly as the oil industry as mud mesh, chemical fiber industry as screen mesh, plating industry as pickling mesh to use. More used in mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

Stainless steel wire mesh can be divided into: stainless steel square wire mesh, stainless steel dense mesh net (mat) super wide type 5 meters (1.3-5-8 meters) wide and big wire deformed mesh, special specifications can be customized to add according to user needs processing, the other I can also make stainless steel coal washing net, stainless steel products such as paper network

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stainless steel wire mesh

stainless steel wire mesh

stainless steel wire mesh
STAINLESS STEEL WIRE 201,304,304L,316,316L,etc.
woven mesh,crimped mesh,woven wire mesh welded mesh,perforated mesh,expanded mesh
it mainly with stainless steel wire,with bending,welding,rolling process
stainlesss steel wire 304 316 202 430
nickel alloy wire etc.also other kind of wire as your request
plain woven type:1-635mesh
twill weave:200-450mesh
dutch weae: 12/64mesh to 314/2235mesh
woven type of fiter disk:
plain woven mesh twill mesh filter and dutch weaving
wire diameter: 0.016-5.2mm
filter disk type:
edge packed type
filter mesh no-edge type
filter cloth multilayer filter disc
stainless steel woven mesh single layer filter disc
filter disc spot-welded filter disc
dutch weave wire mesh filter disc
twill and plain wire mesh filter hollow type filter disc
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stainless steel filter mesh

stainless steel filter mesh

stainless steel filter mesh
chemical fiber filter, plastic particles extrudering , electrical, extruding, sheet extrusion, household goods filter (i.e., the flower is aspersed, faucet, kettle, etc.) plastic granulator filter, filter for masterbatch, twin screw extruder filter,
gloucester wire mesh and stainless steel filter: the product material: SUS304, 304 l, 316, 316 l stainless steel woven mesh, stainless steel sintering network, sintering, made from stainless steel mesh support and outer protection sleeve. Product features: (1) there is absolutely no material falls off phenomenon. (2) high temperature resistant, can be in - 270-400 C temperature long-term security. Both in high temperature and low temperature stainless steel will not precipitate harmful material, material can be stable, carrying quantity, high filtration precision, accurate. (3) the high corrosion resistance, not easy to damage, small pressure loss, large filtering area. (4) especially easy to clean, long service life. Product specifications: filtration precision (microns) 2-200, overall dimensions, filtration precision, filter area, under pressure, can construction according to customer's request. Main application: petroleum, chemical, food, environmental protection, heavy machinery, film, medicine, water treatment, high temperature gas filtration.

eric wire mesh filter co.,ltd


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