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Bio Potash Fertilizer

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Post Date : May 12
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China (Mainland)


High quality, easy-to-use

Stimulate and regulate plant growth

Good water solubility and buffering effect

High chelating and complexing capability

Increase absorption of trace elements

SH9003-4 Potassium Humate Powder

Applciation and Dosage:

Direction for use in the Agriculture

1.Base fertilizer: 5-10kgs/ ha, better to be applied with N, P fertilizersMixed with Nitrogen fertilizer: 5% of total blend ie. 5kgs of potassium humate per 100kgs of Urea.

2.Irrgation: 5-8kgs/ha, after fully dissolved.

Note :

1.In the drip tank dissolved filtering, there will be a few residues, these residues can be used as base fertilizer

2.It all depends on the soil condition of the region.

Why cooperate with us?

Demand: Custom demand are welcomed,we can customize your brands

?Production:Assembly line production, high standard and strict requirements

Quality:Humic acid Sources are extracted from young active leonardite mine

Products:We have developed 5 series aand more than 300 kinds of products

Package:Tailor-made package to cater for your personalize taste

Payment:Various options to make payment more convenient

Customer Service:E-mail your suggestions or complaints, and we will handle them ASAP

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