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Zirconia Silicate Bead

Post Date : May 26
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Zirconia Silicate Bead

Specific Density:4.0g/cm3

size: 0.2~15mm

Available Size:

Sphere: Φ0.2,Φ0.6,Φ1,Φ1.5,Φ2,Φ2.5,Φ3,Φ10,Φ12,Φ15mm

Physical parameters:

Composition wt% 60-65% ZrO2; 35% SiO2

Bulk Density Kg/L 2.6~2.7(Φ2mm)

Specific Density g/cm3 4.0~4.1

Mohs Hardness Moh's >8.5

Vickers Hardness HV ≥1100

Elastic Modulus GPa 200

Thermal Conductivity W/m.K 3

Crushing Load KN ≥8 (Φ7mm)

Fracture Toughness MPam1-2 6.7

Grain Size µm ≤0.8

Coefficient(20-400 °C) 10x10-6/ °C(20-400) 7.0

There are high crush strength which it could not be broken used for long time in the quick speed mill.

Zirconia silicate bead formed by sintering.

It is widely instead the fused zirconia silicate with pore and easy broken.


Paint& Coating

Ultra-fine grinding for cosmetic&Magnetic band

Superfine grinding mineral(GCC,Kaolin and so on)


Sand mill. Attrition mill

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CAS RN: 118-75-2
Molecular Formula: C6Cl4O2
Structural Formula:

Technical Index:





(Dioxin index cna reach international standard)


Yellow powder

Melting point




Packing: 25kg polypropylene woven bag; keep in cool, dry, shading and well-ventilated place.

Uses: this product is mainly used in dye and pharmaceutical intermediates, it functions as intermediate
for pesticide and high molecular compounds, moreover, it can be used as seed-dressing agent for crops.

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Smoke House

Smoke House

Smoke House

Production capacity: 250kg/batch


Max pressure(Mpa): 0.3-0.6

Min pressure(Mpa): 0.1-0.2

Furnace temperature<120°C

Water pressure(Mpa): 0.2

Trolley: 1100*1030*1740mm

Size: 1840*1350*3000mm

Weight: 1200kgs

steam heating;

Production capacity:500kg/batch


Steam pressure:0.1~0.2Mpa


Standard trailer:1000×1030×1980mm

Host size:2420×1510×2600mm

Mounting Dimensions:5000×2200×3400mm


Production capacity:1000kgs/batchPower:121kwFurnace temperature<145°CTrolley size: 1000*1030*1740mmSize for 4doors+4 trolley:3700*2500*3000mmSize for Channel model: 4650*1950*3000mmWeight: 4000ks

Others capacity:

laboratory micro smokehouse;30kgs/batch; electric heating & steam heating;

250kg/batch; single door,single trolley; electric heating & steam heating;

1000kg/batch;Channel model with four doors;four trolley; electric heating;

Salmon cold smokehouse;1950*1350*3000; 250kg/batch

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