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Medical Sodium Hyaluronate GelAdhesion Prevention for General Surgery Operation

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Sodium Hyaluronate, which is a polymer polysaccharides of biological materials formed by N-acetyl glucosamine and glucuronic acid through iterative connected, has a high degree of viscoelasticity, plasticity, permeability and good biocompatibility. This product is manufactured with raw material of comb based on the process of fine biochemical technology, separation, purification and refining. The gel contains 1% HMW of sodium hyaluronate and physiological buffer. This product, which is a colorless, odorless, sterile, pyrogen freetransparent viscous liquid, adopts the aseptic processing technology to filter sterilization.


1. Form fabric structure to separate inflammation serous from normal serous.

2. Inhibit activity of granulocyte, and stimulate phagocytosis of macrophage to reduce post-surgical adhesions.

3. Form separation space and biologic barriers to prevent adhesions.

4. Inhibit capillary leak and reduce quantity of blood clot which can form permanent adhesion framework.


1. Oviduct regeneration

2. Endometriosis

3. Gynecological neoplasms

4. Caesarean operation

5. Chronic salpingitis

6. Separation of intrauterine adhesion

7. Incisionofuterineseptum

8. Laparoscopic surgery

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Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid Gel is a non animal origin crosslinked hyaluronic acid gel which is sterile, apyrogenic with physiological pH and osmolarity. It is packed in a 1ml prefilled glass syringe and sterlised by moist heat autoclaving. Hyaluronic Acid Gel is for single use product.


In intradermal, subcutaneous and intramuscular high biocompatibility; Anti-degradation, anti-migration, difficult to absorb, a long half-life; After implantation, no inflammation, immune response or foreign body reaction; In the soft tissue has a relatively The stability and biocompatibility; Without skin test, rapid, safe and effective; Of good moisture.


Hyaluronic Acid Gel is an injectable implant indicated forfilling deep to very deep wrinkles and/or for volume restoration (cheeks, contours of the face, cheekbones) by deep ermal injection in the face.

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botox Botulinum

botox Botulinum

botox Botulinum


It is a kind of product to correct light wrinkles and shrink the face.

It is type-A toxin that contains 150iu in one vial and can be used onto one person.

150iu should be melt into 2.0-2.5ml sterilized water before usage.

The effect is obvious and can be last 3-6 months.

100% no overcorrection

Store unpened vial at -5 temperature.

Botox is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment for moderate to severe frown lines. It is typically used in people aged 18 to 65.

Botox works by blocking nerve transmission to temporarily reduce the contractions of the facial muscles that cause frown lines.

It has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for wrinkles, and botox injections are becoming increasingly popular.

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