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billet steel

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Steel billet refers to the semi-finished products used in the production of steel, the general can not directly for social use. Steel billet and steel is a strict division of standards, and can not be the final product to determine the enterprise, and to implement the unified standards by the whole society. Usually case, billet and steel is relatively easy to distinguish, but for some steel, and steel has the same size and the same purpose of (such as rolling tube), whether through for other industries use, whether through steel processing process, after finishing mill processing to distinguish

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deformed steel bars

deformed steel bars

deformed steel bars

The difference between the rebar and the light circular bar is that the surface has a longitudinal rib and a transverse rib, and a transverse rib with two longitudinal ribs and a uniform distribution along the longitudinal direction.. The steel belongs to the small steel, which is mainly used for the frame of the reinforced concrete structure.. In the use of a certain mechanical strength, bending deformation and welding performance. The production of rebar raw billet for the sedative melting treatment of structural carbon steel or low alloy structural steel, finished steel for hot rolling, normalizing or hot-rolled state delivery.

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billet steel   deformed steel bars

billet steel deformed steel bars

billet steel deformed steel bars

Thickness range: +/-5mm 150-240mm width: +/-20mm 880-1530mm

Length range: +/-500mm 3700-10000mm

Cross cut size: 64*64; 82*82; 98*98; 124*124; 120*150; 152*170mm; 152*164

Length: 9000mm

Cross section tolerance: +1.0/-2.0----+3.0/-1.0mm slab: width: +/-2.0MM thickness: +/-3.0MM

Length tolerance: +/-200MM

Diagonal tolerance of cross section: 3.5-8.0MM

<1242MM, <=2MM, >1242MM, <=3MM, =1242MM,


Broken ends (shear) extension deformation: <1242MM billet: no control; slab: <=15MM

Tilt: no more than 0.1 of the billet section

Bending degree: every 1M length no more than 10MM

Distortion: length <=11, <=5M. ; length <=5, <=7.5M.

Mn Si S 3SP/PS%:C P

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