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Belotero Basic , Intense , Soft Available Filler

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  • dermal fillers
  • dermal fillers
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dermal fillers
dermal fillers


We supply the best authentic quality dermal fillers and other beauty products.for email us more details on delivery and price...,

Teosyal Filler and Other Dermal Fillers

Ellanse ,Teosyal ,Restylanes ,Stylage ,Juverderm Dermal Fillers

Succeev , Jolidermis 18 , Modelis , Mesolis , Princess Filler and Dermal Fillers

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Teosyal Filler and Other Dermal Fillers

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  • Product Name:Asphalt
  • CAS No:8052-42-4
  • Boiling Point:300ºC
  • Melting Point:54-173ºC
  • Hazard Symbols:Toxic by inhalation of fume. TLV: (fume): 5 mg/m3.
  • Flash Point:200ºC
  • Density:1.15~1.25
  • Appearance:Black solid
  • Safety:Questionable carcinogen with experimental neoplastigenic data on skin contact. When heated to decomposition it emits acrid smoke and irritating fumes. See also ASPHALT.
  • Synonyms:0907ASP;AAD 1; ABD; AC 10; AC 10 (asphalt); AC 20; AC 20 (asphalt); AC 3; AC 3(asphalt); AC 40; AC 5; AC 8; AC 8 (asphalt); AH 90; AH 90 (asphalt); AR 1000;AR 4000; AZ-IP 90; Aqua Brown B-A; Aqua Brown B-K; Asphaltum; Asro 150; Asro85; Aszol H; Bitumens, asphalt; Bituminous materials, asphalt; Bitusize B; CPC1; CPE 3; CPE 4; Catiozol CPE 3; Cenex AC 20; Dacholeum; Drainage ECO; EcophaltView; Epokkufaruto D; Ergon 150 Pen; Flintkote; Flintkote 3; Flintkote 5;Flintkote AR 52; Flintkote FL; Formula FLX; Frontier 58-22; Fujikon Plus; GSTDS90; HXL 90; Huanxiling 90; JWS 8930AK; Judean pitch; KM 2 (asphalt); Kelamayi 110;LH 90; Liquamite; Meishoku Porous Zol; Mineral pitch; Mineral rubber; Monar DAGrade; NT 8H; Neo Catic A; Neo Primer; Nippon Oil 40-60; Nisseki StraightAsphalt 60-80; Nisshiru GS; PG 52-34; PG 58-22; PG 64-22; PG 70-28; Petroleumasphalt; Petroleum refining residues, asphalts; Phalcell W; Polyphalt S.S;Porous Zol; Protecto-Magic; Rubber, mineral; SK 70; SK 90; SMA 11-50/70; SP 95;SP 95 (asphalt); SP Blown Asphalt 10-20HC; SPP 70; Slad TB; Stars 60/80;Straight Asphalt 60-80; Straight asphalt; Trumbull 1410; Trumbull 3400;Trumbull 3706; Trumbull 4004; WRAC 20; Witcurb 22L; Wood River AC 5
  • OccurrenceCalifornia, Trinidad, Venezuela, Cuba, Canada (Athabasca tar sands).
  • ChemUsePaving and road-coating, roofing, sealing and joint filling, special paints, adhesive in electrical laminates and hot-melt compositions, diluent in low-grade rubber products, fluid loss control in hydraulic fracturing of oil wells, medium for radioactive waste disposal, pipeline and underground cable coating, rust-preventive hot-dip coatings, base for synthetic turf, water-retaining barrier for sandy soils, supporter of rapid bacterial growth in converting petroleum components to protein.
  • PropertiesA liquid petroleum product, solubility of residue from distillation in carbon tetrachloride = 99.5%. Flash p: <50°F.
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Oxymetholones is an important compound for the arsenal of any serious bodybuilder. Having been originally developed to treat muscle wasting diseases such as AIDS, this compound is able to force muscle growth even with the most deprived diets imaginable.

High quality Oxymetholones, otherwise known as Anadrol, promotes huge gains in size and in strength and it is conisdered by many to be one of the most effective orals. It causes noticable changes to the shape of the muscle within 2 weeks that are most noticable when posing in photos, the muscles appear more full and hard. This compound is a great confidence booster in the gym because it can give someone of any size the Bodybuilder shape very quickly.

***HUMATROPE 6 mg: The cartridge contains 6 mg of somatropin. When reconstituted contains 2.08 mg/ml.

HUMATROPE 12 mg: The cartridge contains 12 mg of somatropin. When reconstituted contains 4.17 mg/ml.

HUMATROPE 24 mg: The cartridge contains 24 mg of somatropin. When reconstituted contains 8.33 mg/ml.

Somatropin is produced in Escherichia coli cells by recombinant DNA technology

HUMATROPE is indicated for the long-term treatment of children who have growth failure due to an inadequate secretion of normal endogenous growth hormone.

HUMATROPE is also indicated for the treatment of short stature in children with Turner syndrome, confirmed by chromosome analysis.

HUMATROPE is also indicated for the treatment of growth retardation in prepubertal children with chronic renal insufficiency.

HUMATROPE is also indicated for the treatment of patients who have growth failure associated with SHOX deficiency, as confirmed by DNA analysis.

HUMATROPE is also indicated for growth disturbance (current height SDS < -2.5 and parental adjusted height SDS < -1) in short children born small for gestational age (SGA), with a birth weight and/or length below -2 SD, who failed to show catch-up growth (height velocity SDS < 0 during the last year) by 4 years of age or later.

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