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the best phosphate-free detergent builder

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Post Date : March 26
Product Details
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Item specifics


Commodity: the best phosphate-free detergent builder

Tradename: Complex Sodium Disilicate

Application: replace STPP in detergent powder making

Appearance: white small particle, free flowing



Test result

Calcium exchange capacity

400 mgCaCO3/gCSDS min



5% max


PH value:

12 max



20% min



80% min


Bulk Density



Packing: 25kgs in plastic woven bag with inner plastic film bag, 26MT/ 40HQ


1. completely friendly to environment

2. excellent function and high calcium exchange ability (400min), better than STPP

3. excellent PH buffering capacity

4. competitive price to reduce much cost

5. free flowing and low density: 0.48/ml around.

6. not easily absorb moisture in air to become cake.

7. very suitable for high tower sprayer and especially dry mix or blending

8. be used same as STPP in producing process, without any change in equipment

9. to make common or concentrate detergent powder; free-phosphate or low-phosphate detergent powder

For more info, please feel free to contact me.

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Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate

TDS for SLES 70%

--- Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate

1. Propertie of SLES 70%

Product Name : Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate

Synonyms: SLES, AES, Sodium Alcohol Ether Sulphate,Sodium Fatty Alcohol Ether Sulfate,Sodium Laureth Sulphate,Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate

Chemical formula : RO(CH2CH2O)nSo3Na ; R=C12-C14,n=2-3

CAS No. : 68583-34-2

Properties: SLES 70% is a kind of anionic surfactant with excellent performance. It has excellent detergency,emulsification,wetting,dispersion,densifying and foamability performance, it is easy to dissolve in water.As well as has wide compatibility, favorable hard-water resistant and high-biodegradation ability and low irritation to skin and eye.

Physical Properties

Appearance 25 oC

White to yellowish paste


No strong odor

25°C state

Turbid liquid

Viscosity at 20°C

Thick liquid

Freezing point


2. Specification and COA


Specified Limit

Test Result


No Abnormal Smell


Active Matter Content Pct



Unsulfated Matter Content Pct

3.0 Max


Inorganic Sulfate Content Pct

2.0 Max


Color And Luster Klett, 5pct Am.Aq Sol

10 Max


Ph Value (2pct Aq Solution )



3. Packing:

220 kgs per drum and 17600kgs per 20FT container

4. Application:

1).Detergent Industry : Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate is widely used in liquid detergent, such as hair and bath shampoo, dish detergents,bubble bath and hand washing, complex soap etc. SLES can also be used in washing powder and detergent for heavy dirty. Using SLES to replace LABSA, phosphate can be saved or reduced, and general dosage of active matter is reduced.

2).Textile Industries : In textile, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate is used in printing and dyeing, oil and leather industries, it is the lubricant, dyeing agent, cleaner, foaming agent and degreasing agent.

5. Storage:

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES) should be stored in dry,clean,ventilated and cool place, kept away from sunshine and rain.Keep temperature in 25-40oC,PH value above 5.

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Potassium hydroxide Flake

Potassium hydroxide Flake

Potassium hydroxide Flake

Potassium hydroxide Flake

Danger class: 8

UN NO.: 1813

1. Properties: white flakes. Strong base. Very corrosive. Easily dissolves in water with liberation of much heat.

2. Quality:

Premium grade Grade I

KOH, 95.0 90.0

K2CO3, 0.5 0.5

Chloride (Cl), 0.005 0.005

Iron (Fe), 0.0005 0.0005

Sulfate (SO42-), 0.005 0.005

Nitrate & Nitrite (N), 0.0005 0.0005

Sodium (Na), 0.8 0.8

Phosphate (PO4), 0.005 0.005

Silicate (SiO3), 0.01 0.01

Aluminum (Al), 0.002 0.002

Calcium (Ca), 0.005 0.005

Nickel (Ni), 0.0005 0.0005

Heavy metal (Pb), 0.002 0.002

3. Packing: 25kg per bag.

4. First aid measures:

A. Skin contact: immediately wash with water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if skin burn occurs.

B. Eye contact: immediately wash with water, saline or 3% boric acid solution for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if necessary.

C. Inhalation: Seek medical attention.

D. Ingestion: Seek medical attention.

5. Protection measures:

A. Engineering control: Area of operation should be closed.

B. Respiratory tract: Wear respirator if necessary.

C. Eye: Wear goggle.

D. Body: Wear protection cloths.

E. Hand: Wear rubber gloves.

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