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Post Date : October 01
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Can (Tinned),Sachet
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This product specially prepared by spices & herbs with same taste, flavor effect and also on economically similar with other tobacco product available in the market. A local survey done by me on tobacco /Gutkha/Panmasala militants & they said if this Harbal Gotkha available in the market they will definitely stop the use of tobacco /Gutkha/Panmasala because user need to chewed something like Gutkha/Pan masala/Tobacco. this product have similar taste without harmless ingredients. This product may stop smokeless tobacco in younger’s / women & other age group. This product does not contain Nicotine, Tobacco, Kattha, Gambier & MgCo3.These ingredients may responsible for cancer & other chronic disease. Hence Herbal Gotkha is a need of students, poor younger’s, girls, women’s & elders.Today India is No1 country using smokeless tobacco, In 2008, about 5 million children under 15 were addicted to gutka. A survey in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh found precursors of mouth cancers in 16% of the children.[6][7][8] According to the 2009-2010 survey by Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 53.5% of Indians use tobacco products (66.2% of men and 40% of women). Tobacco and gutka chewing makes up the majority of those figures with 48.07% of Indians using them, while bidi and cigarette smokers make up 8.4% and 5.9% of the population respectively. Many states of India have banned the sale, manufacture, distribution and storage of gutka and all its variants. As of May 2013, gutka is banned in 24 states and 3 union territories. The federal Food Safety and Regulation (Prohibition) Act 2011 allows harmful products such as gutka to be banned for a year. This can be renewed annually, resulting in a permanent ban. The ban is enforced by the state public health ministry, the state Food and Drug Administration, and the local police. Enforcement of the law is generally lax and many shops still sell gutka, although it may not be displayed. Enforcemnent is stricter in some regions like Mumbai and Delhi, but illegal sale of gutka still occurs

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