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UV light Weather resistance test chamber

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UV light Weather resistance test chamber


The UV climatic testing chamber uses fluorescent light UV lamp as the light source, through simulating the UV radiation and condensation in natural sunlight to perform accelerated climatic test on materials. It can simulate UV, raining, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, black, and can autorun cycle index.


Enclosure and liner, and case cover are made of stainless steel material, test frame are comprised of liner and spring, made of aluminum alloy material.

Intelligent digital controller or LCD touch screen controller;

PT-100 sensor built in with Digital correction system for accurate and stable measurement

8pcs UV lamps installed on the working chamber two sides, automatic water offset when liner is in low water limit

Liner trough heating method for fast temperature rise and event heating

Quality fixable running wheel on the bottom; bothway flip type tank cover

CT-UV050B Features

Imported LCD touch screen controller with AT intelligent regulation function, multi kinds of alarm mode

Back vortex and U type deposition device for drainage

Spraying Control System

A. Spraying uniform regulation: human control function can regulate or replace the nozzle

Spraying status monitoring: equipped with spraying device, the spraying device can simulate the temperature revulsion and rain corrosion, several nozzles can set the spraying time as required.

Safety function

Protection door lock: when the lamp is on working status, if the door opened, machine will cut off the power and will enter the equilibrium state to avoid hurt to human body.

When the temperature inside the cabinet is over 80°C, machine will cut off the power supply of lamp and heater and will enter the equilibrium state and cool.

Water trough low level alarm to avoid heater burning without water.

Technical Specifications




Temperature range

Rt+10 ~ 70

Temperature fluctuation


Humidity range


Bearing surface size(mm)


Overall size (mm)


Operation ambient temperature


Test light source

8pcs UV A / B /C Lamp

Test light source wavelength


Sample to lamp center distance


Lamp to lamp center distance



Digital controller

Imported LCD controller

Spraying system



Standard parts

Stainless steel sample frame 20pcs

Sample frame size


Power supply

220±1%, 50Hz, 3000W

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ASTM G155-04 Xenon Lamp Climatic Test Chamber

ASTM G155-04 Xenon Lamp Climatic Test Chamber

ASTM G155-04 Xenon Lamp Climatic Test Chamber


GB/T2423.24-1995, GB/T16422.2, GB9344, GB/T1865-97, ASTM G155-04


This xenon lamp climatic testing chamber is used for climatic simulation test for many different kinds of materials ( glass, textiles, rubber, plastics), thus can evaluate the change on color, gloss, flaw, foam, embrittlement, oxidation under real climatic environment. It’s widely used in different labs. The xenon lamp can simulate full spectrum of sunlight, thus can reappear destructive waveform under different environment.


l Enclosure made of cold rolling steel sheet with static plastic spraying, liner made of high quality mirror stainless steel, nice appearance

l Accurate temperature control of blackboard, radiation and darkness period can be tailor made according to relevant standards or customer’s requirements.

l Intelligent digital controller with timing function, accurate and reliable temperature control

l Downward type operation door enable fast, easy, flexible sample installing

l Installed with radiation transducer, which can make in-time correction if there is light energy decline caused by lamp aging or any other factors.

Technical Specifications




Blackboard temperature range

45-90 degree C

Sample cell air temperature range

35-65 degree C

Radiation strength

Approx 40W/m2 under 300-400mm

Xenon lamp power

1500W, 2500W

Protection degree

Electric leakage, circuit open, short circuit

Sample bench size


Overall size

775*521*648 mm(W*D*H)

Power supply

AC 220V, 50Hz


Equipped with paper free recorder

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Heat Aging test chamber

Heat Aging test chamber

Heat Aging test chamber


Human design

Large LCD display, easy operation and observation

Stainless steel liner, semicircle arc transition, free handling of shelf, easy for cleaning

Built-in low speed rotational rotary platen, guarantee each sample can have uniform test and obtain uniform test results.

Multi-sector programmable controller

MCU program control temperature, time and temperature rise rate, speedy test

Preset 30sections program, each section of 1-9999mins

Program adjustable wind door, rotational speed stepless adjustable

Easy data processing(optional)

Can connect with printer, RS485 Communication port, USB port.

Safety function

Independent temperature limit alarm system, sound and light alarm prompt operator, guarantee safe operation.

Technical Specifications




Power supply

AC 220V, 50HZ

Control range

RT+20~250 Degree C

Temperature fluctuation

±0.5 Degree C

Temperature uniformity

±1 Degree C

Ventilation volume


Platen rotational speed

10 -12rpm

Timing range




Working chamber size(W*D*H)



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